Jarrett caught with his fist in Angle’s cookie jar.


Last week, an anonymous TNA Employee called up the Bubba The Love Sponge radio show and claimed Jeff Jarrett has been boning down with Kurt Angle’s ex-wife Karen. It’s also rumored they are now living together, with Kurt and Karen’s children in tow. Now it looks like Jeff Jarrett will be taking a “Leave of absence” from TNA for a little while. The chatter around the ol’ internet water cooler points to this being an “If he stays I go” situation and Angle may take over Jarrett’s booking duties because he is a big baby who’s hating on the player and not the game. Of course, this IS wrestling AND a promotion that employs Vince Russo, so no doubt this will all end up in an angle and we’ll probably get to see a Jarrett Vs. Angle “Jarrett’s Wife’s Corpse On A Pole” stip for the blowoff match.

Credit: Pro Wrestling Observer


One Response to “Jarrett caught with his fist in Angle’s cookie jar.”

  1. contributoriv Says:

    BONUS! Alternate post titles:

    Jeff Jarrett: King of the Mountain (And Karen Angle’s Vagina)
    Karen Angle is a Shoot Slut

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