Angle and Jarrett: Working The Boys?


It was a long standing tradition in Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo’s WCW: storylines didn’t just have to work the fans in the crowd, they had to surprise the boys in the back too. Reading between the lines of this weeks Wrestling Observer, the same thing might be happening right now in TNA.

Angle in the dressing room this past week at shows was cutting strong promos on Jarrett. Different people have noted Angle saying he’d kick Jarrett’s ass if he saw him, that he was going to have booking power and that if Jarrett was brought back, he would leave the company and go back to WWE. Of course, people also know not to take seriously much of what Angle says. Jarrett, Angle and Vince Russo all have histories of doing angles that attempt to work the boys. It makes little sense for Angle to suddenly be furious over something that has been going on for months on end. There was also a behind-the-scenes power play where people in the company were being rallied to choose sides between Angle and Jarrett in a power struggle more than a year ago over the direction of the company, and both talked it out. Even with what was going on, it was described that Angle and Jarrett were no longer friendly, but worked together without major heat in a business setting.


2 Responses to “Angle and Jarrett: Working The Boys?”

  1. Dom Says:

    workers gonna work

  2. Chris Sheehan Says:

    I’d almost hope that this one was really going down… tho, it does fall back on Russo cliches… a work between two guys that has nothing to do with wrestling… that’s sorta-kinda being hinted at on TV (not the “affair”, but the “office keys on a pole match”, Angle smirking when mentioning Jarrett’s “gone home”) that *maybe* a few dozen of the fans watching iMPACT! will get.

    It’s reminiscent of Eric Bischoff asking Sid “What’s the matter, can’t find your scissors?” during the R&B takeover of Nitro. I remember, being an internet fan actually gasping when he said that… sadly, nobody in the crowd had ANY idea what Bisch was talking about. He even repeated it, to no reaction.

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