Mr. Kennedy: RF Shoot coming soon



Via twitter

Signing tomorrow in Carteret NJ at the Radisson Hotel from 11am-2pm. Shoot interview tonight with RF…..will I be able to hold my tongue??

What kind of boring shoot will this be?  Tales of guys playing their PS3’s on the road?  The time he did steroids?  Give me 75 Jamie Dundee shoots for the same price you are paying Kennedy.


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One Response to “Mr. Kennedy: RF Shoot coming soon”

  1. Chris Sheehan Says:

    Boring will probably be right… I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a shoot by somebody with only a handful of years in the business… especially those that have had quite a few opportunities handed to them, that they screwed up. I figure this will feature a lot of finger pointing, and pushing the blame to others why he never *officially* broke thru.

    Sadly, given Kennedy’s topical relevance, it will probably sell pretty well.

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