History of Wrestling: “I need to speak to Tony”


In 1988, the Alabama territory had a feud in the promotion that was considered by many wrestling fans to be one of the best in the country that year. Tom Pritchard was the babyface Alabama Heavyweight Champion, upholding the fine values that Alabama is known for worldwide. His opponent, “Dirty White Boy” Tony Anthony, was the rule breaking heel, trying every underhanded trick to win the title out from under Pritchard. They had been feuding for a couple of months when the following interview takes place.

Several things to keep in mind while watching the clip. Eddie Gilbert had been given the booking job and brought to the table a nice mix of old-school themes with a new-school mentality. Basically, he believed you could still have months-long feuds, as long as the violence was amped up for the modern audience. With all of the “beaten women” stories playing out on the nightly news during this time period, he felt he had the perfect stereotypical white-trash couple in the Dirty White Boy and Dirty White Girl. This interview resulted in a major upswing at the ticket counter, but also led to losing several television affiliates.


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3 Responses to “History of Wrestling: “I need to speak to Tony””

  1. pholby Says:

    At first I thought “the crowd didn’t cheer when it was revealed a woman got hit – this doesn’t deserve the indy wrestling tag.” Then Tom Pritchard came out and gave a short seminar in victim blaming and all was right again.

  2. anonymous Says:

    hey do you think that’s makeup or do you think they just slugged her for the sake of kayfabe

  3. isaacduke Says:

    I have to admit, my favorite part IS when Pritchard comes out and says, “Well, that’s what happens when you hang around dudes like that!” Never has there been a better mixture of wrestling and pure Alabamaness.

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