History of Wrestling: Kenta Kobashi’s best match?


Back around 1996, I decided that I had read enough about how great Japanese wrestling was and wanted to see a few matches for myself. Being a longtime reader of the Death Valley Driver Video Review, it didn’t take long to make a list of what everyone considered to be top shelf stuff.

Now, if you want to watch something, all it takes is a couple of seconds searching and chances are you can watch it for free. Back then, you had to either trade for a tape, or buy it outright from a trader. The going rate on a poorly produced, 5th generation copy of All Japan Pro Wrestling then was about $20 per VHS. I was lucky enough to find a guy that would make a mixtape of matches that I had selected, enough to fill an 8 hour tape, for $30. The first match on that tape was this match. It features Kenta Kobashi taking on Steve “Dr. Death” Williams in an AJPW ring in front of a rabid crowd. Watch this:


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One Response to “History of Wrestling: Kenta Kobashi’s best match?”

  1. jesnowden Says:

    This match and his 1993 match with Stan Hansen are two of my all-time favorites. He was the one All Japan babyface who didn’t look like he was half asleep during all his matches.

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