TNAs best angle


Remember when at least one segment of TNA was fun? I love the fact that for half a year Kevin Nash was paid to come to tv and ad lib wacky skits.


3 Responses to “TNAs best angle”

  1. jobbercartel Says:

    These were the segments that made me sit through TNA for the 3 weeks or so I tried watching it. The “Push It” skit was money.

    Dope blog as well.

  2. michael dikkowski Says:

    man they should air this on every episode of impact.

  3. Chris Sheehan Says:

    This is definitely what Nash is best at. His ad-lib is absolutely awesome. I remember fast-forwarding thru iMPACT’s that I had DVR’ed just to see the couple of minutes of Paparazzi Productions skits. Great find!

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