Night of Champions



In a surprise move, Jeff Hardy wins the World Title in what was supposed to be his last PPV match before his contract runs out. Will the title change hands again on television this week? The WWE is betting fans will tune in to see!

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5 Responses to “Night of Champions”

  1. redwards Says:

    Is the WWE that keyed in to the internet? I’d always gotten the impression that their acceptance of fans w/ insider knowledge was rather begrudging. Do you really think they would book a title change banking on the fact that people read websites? I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, just not the kind of idea I would think would come from the WWE.

    • jesnowden Says:

      I was thinking that fans would naturally tune in to see what happens on television, because they are savvy enough to know that Hardy has to lose the title soon. I’m not sure the internet has much to do with it.

      • redwards Says:

        Oh, had they announced on TV that his contract was up? I would have missed that, not watching WWE television and all. If that’s the case I withdraw my question.

  2. Chris Sheehan Says:

    Whether or not this was a plot to “swerve the smarts” it’s still a rather decent idea from a story perspective.

    This way, if Hardy is still on his way out, it could solidify Punk as the guy that put Hardy out of the WWE when/if it does go down. It could also legitimize Punk to the fans when/if he wins the title without the aid of the Money in the Bank briefcase.

  3. generaljebstuart Says:

    I think Punk will send Hardy packing in a way that gets him over strong. You are right on!

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