Heel death in the era of kayfabe


Here we have a promo right after the death of Andy Kaufman. If this took place today the show would be a hour long tribute where wrestlers like Porkchop Cash would talk  about what a lovable guy Andy was. But since kayfabe was king in Memphis (Well the other king of Memphis)  Jerry Lawler’s response to Kaufman’s death is a lot less warm and fuzzy.


3 Responses to “Heel death in the era of kayfabe”

  1. Andrew Barbarash Says:

    Lawler/Kaufman best media crossover in the history of pro wrestling

  2. Chris Sheehan Says:

    Great promo by the King. Comments like that would get crapped on so quick in this day and age. We’re far too easily offended these days.

    I remember Larry Zbyszko making similar comments on commentary on Nitro in regards to the passing of Louie Spicoli… a lot of people had a problem with Larry keeping character and kayfabe.

    I couldn’t imagine the outrage if someone maintained character in a wrestling-related death today.

  3. eric864 Says:

    The interesting thing is that looking on youtube the Lawler/Kaufman feud went on longer than most of us think. Everybody knows about the first match they had and the letterman angle. But after that the feud went on for months and months. Andy’s last match was just a few weeks before he found out about his lung cancer.

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