Uncle Victator’s Wrestling Feedbag!!!!


Im back again complete with amy own column name. Last time I was hear, I talked about Vader and why he was great. We looked at a match with Dustin Rhodes. Today we are going to watch another match from 1992. This time his WCW title loss to Ron Simmons.

Vader had won the title from Sting two weeks before at the Great American Bash. Naturally Sting was set to get rematches with the Rocky Mountain Monster. One of these rematches was to take place in Baltimore Maryland at the tv taping. But something funny happened that night.

Jake Roberts debut in WCW
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Jake “the Snake” Roberts debuted and injured Sting by DDTing him into a chair a few times. Now Vader is without a challenger. Then Vice President of WCW Bill Watts decides to put the names of the top ten contenders into a bag, whatever name he pulled out would face Vader. The name pulled out was Ron Simmons.

Ron Simmons vs Vader
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Now to the match itself. It starts in typical Vader fashion with him putting Simmons in a corner and beating him down. But Simmons surprises Vader by firing back just as hard. But like anyone else who faced him at that time, Vader is too tough to fight directly. So simmons takes a brutal beating. Near the end, immons starts attempting various roll ups. Even trying a back body slide. But its not enough. Vader is still in control. But in the span of a few seconds, Simmons is the new WCW champion. Thanks to blocking the Powerbomb and hitting his power slam out of nowhere.

The crowd goes crazy. You can see it in the video they are just losing it. This is about as close as WCW would ever get to a perfect moment. Unfortunately Simmons flopped as World Champion. He never semed comfortable in that roll and I think having his first ppv title match again Barbarian killed him. By December WCW decided to hit the reset button and have Vader defeat Simmons to start his year long run as champion in 1993.

The Jake/Sting feud which had a great start ended up fizzing out with mediocre coal miners glove match at Halloween Havoc. After that Jake was gone from WCW.


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