Val Venis Stands Up For “The Biz”


val venis

Many wrestlers are secretly ashamed of being in the business. Not Sean Morley, AKA Val Venis. And when Sherdog writer Jake Rossen dissed TNA and Bobby Lashley’s involvement in “poorly performed theater for the hygiene-challenged” Venis went on the defensive.

My insulted feelings were quickly pushed aside and replaced with anger as I took my cool and refreshing morning shower. As a 19 year pro wrestler myself and as a man who worked with Lashley many times before and after he debuted on WWE TV, I can honestly say I am very proud and honored to be apart of this industry we call pro wrestling and/or sports and entertainment. I have loved pro wrestling for as long as I can remember and I am not alone. Pro wrestling for me is one of the greatest forms of entertainment this planet has ever seen. The incredible feeling one gets as they masterfully take 18 000 plus screaming fans on an emotional roller-coaster ride cannot be duplicated. The exhilarating power to make fans scream, cry, smile, laugh or any other emotion humans feel, is intoxicating. I digress. I could go on and on about how great pro wrestling is, but that’s not what I wish to speak about right now.

Venis has seen fans from all walks of life in his 19-years in the business. Wrestling fans are often victims of stereotypes and this was no exception. Venis felt the need to stand up, not just for Lashley, but for the fans. And he lets Rossen have it.

Rossen pretends to be an elitist by telling the world that he is too good for pro wrestling. The truth is, he is too dumb to understand it. Perhaps the quote from Woody Allen’s film should have been “Can you imagine the level of a mind incapable of understanding REAL entertainment!”



6 Responses to “Val Venis Stands Up For “The Biz””

  1. vrr81 Says:

    Good for Val.

  2. isaacduke Says:

    Yeah, usually I would be the first to do the stereotypical snarky IWC comment, “Defend wrestling? HAH!”, but he has a point. This whole wrestling vs MMA thing is so stupid. In the long run it doesn’t matter if the average Joe lumps them together, what matters is the CEO of Burger King lumps them together (for right now, anyway).

  3. vrr81 Says:

    Listening to the Bob Holly shoot I understood what some guys mean by protecting the business. These guys are not som backyarders working for IWA MS twice a year. They depend on wrestling to earn a living. I think anybody can understand that.

    *I fully recommend the Bob Holly shoot. Nobody keeps it as real as Bob. Not even Bad News Allen.

  4. Andrew Barbarash Says:

    I hate snooty people who think their above wrestling. Go VAL!

  5. Eric864 Says:

    Meltzer once said that Rossen has been a WON subscriber for years.

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