Fedor Update: Less than $2 million Guaranteed

Vadim and Fedor

Vadim and Fedor

New details have emerged from out special contributor Jonathan Snowden’s effort to get to the bottom of the Fedor-UFC negotiations.

“The actual guarantee offered Fedor was less than $2 million. The other money would only come into play if the PPV’s did extremely well,” Snowden said. “Fedor was not offered a $5 million guarantee. It is also important for the entire Russian crew to have a chance to help grow the sport there. Although Fedor can make more money now in the UFC than he likely can elsewhere, it wouldn’t allow an opportunity to expand Russian MMA.”

It’s unfortunate that a Fedor and Brock Lesnar fight is looking further and further away. Fans online were already speculating about what would have been the ultimate battle of skill versus size.

“When I asked Brock about Fedor at the Randy Couture fight, he got very angry,” Snowden said. “He wasn’t interested in Fedor. Now he is making noises about fighting the Russian. I think Brock sees the potential box office appeal.”

EDIT: New information just came in from Jon Snowden regarding more of the particulars:

-Offer was only for three fights, not six as originally reported.

-The guarantee per fight was *less* than Fedor’s contract with Affliction.


5 Responses to “Fedor Update: Less than $2 million Guaranteed”

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  2. virtualbalboa Says:

    LOL wait…so is that less than $2 million a fight or across all 6 fights?

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  5. Elias Says:

    Fedor is the best pound for pound mma fighter ever. He seems to be a very humble and loyal person. I think fedor has signed with the right people.

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