Austin Idol to run for mayor of Tampa



The Miami Herald talked with the ladies’ pet and the men’s regret, the Universal Heartthrob, Austin Idol (real name Dennis McCord) about his plans to run for mayor of Tampa Florida.  Now “Tampa’s Pet, Politican’s Regret,” he hopes to help boost the employment and tourism rates while balancing the budget and dealing with the housing crisis.  Will his history, which includes cashing a novelty check awarded to him for winning a battle royal, come back to haunt him?


2 Responses to “Austin Idol to run for mayor of Tampa”

  1. vrr81 Says:

    Did he actually get it cashed? If so I would vote for him in an instant.

  2. Bix Says:

    Yes, he did.

    I’m not sure if that’s as good as this:

    Ron Garvin beats Ron Fuller to win his boat. Garvin leaves for outlaw opposition, legit takes boat. Fuller sues, Garvin wins because Fuller won’t break kayfabe.

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