Mike DiBiase is now a fugitive



Various websites (the most notable being Gerweck.net) are reporting that former WWE developmental wrestler/current Christian Pro Wrestling roster member Mike DiBiase (son of Ted Sr, brother of Ted Jr. and Brett) has a warrant out for his arrest.  He no-showed a July 14th court appearance pertaining to allegations that he stole property from the sponsor of an independent show several months ago.  The reasons for the son of the Million Dollar Man stealing $1500 or less of property are currently unknown.


2 Responses to “Mike DiBiase is now a fugitive”

  1. Randall Says:

    Ted DiBiase is praying for his forgiveness. Or they are hiding out together smoking crack. One or the other.

  2. Dave Says:

    Truth is, the promoter, Ken Taylor, screwed Dibiase out of his pay for that event and offered property that belonged to the reservation the show was for to Dibiase to make up for was DiBiase was owed. Then claimed the property stolen. DiBiase and Kevein Northcutt drew close to 1,000 in the main event. According to inside sources promoter Ken Taylor opted to pay less than 10 percent of what the guarantee was.

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