MMA Fans Should Try K-1 Out


kickKickboxing blog K-1 LEGEND has started a series of articles doing a hard sell for recent K-1 aimed at MMA fans. With two shows coming up in early August that’ll be airing on HDNet now does seem as good of a time as any to jump right into it.

With the boom of MMA, I’ve often wondered why MMA fans don’t spill over into kickboxing more often, especially with a large emphasis being on long, back and forth stand up battles. When tuning into your average K-1 show, you are bound to see a few exciting fights which of course exclusively feature high level kickboxing.

Read more at K-1 LEGEND.


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2 Responses to “MMA Fans Should Try K-1 Out”

  1. bagflack Says:

    K-1 Dynamite 2008 was close to the perfect vehicle to get MMA fans into kickboxing. The kickboxers didn’t fare too well, unfortunately.

  2. Randall Says:

    Cool looking blog. I’ll be stopping by regularly. Love K-1 Max!

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