Tito Ortiz Return to be Announced Tomorrow


Lookit that headAccording to Twitter via Wrestling Observer, the worst-kept “secret” in MMA the past couple weeks has been virtually confirmed.

Dana White is holding a press conference tomorrow, at which he is to say many wondrous things.  One of those things will be that Tito Ortiz is coming back, so hopefully we’ll get to see someone cave in his stupid face sooner rather than later.  Welcome back, Tito.  Now get clobbered already.


2 Responses to “Tito Ortiz Return to be Announced Tomorrow”

  1. jesnowden Says:

    Had it confirmed to me he is coming back. Also heard a fight, which I can’t say, but didn’t like the sound of. Still-Tito.

  2. Tito Returns: Possible Fight Against Mark Coleman « Ring Psychology Says:

    […] As previously reported here, former UFC superstar Tito Ortiz has made amends and is back in the organization, per today’s UFC conference call.  Here, MMA Junkie reports some details of the conference call: “Dana came to me … and apologized to me,” Ortiz said. “For me personally it was about competition. (The UFC) is the best show in the world. That’s why I’m here.” […]

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