Tito Returns: Possible Fight Against Mark Coleman

"See this shit? I told ya the t-shirt guy would fail."

As previously reported here, former UFC superstar Tito Ortiz and Dana White have made amends and Ortiz is back in the organization, per today’s UFC conference call.  Here, MMA Junkie reports some details of the conference call:

“Dana came to me … and apologized to me,” Ortiz said. “For me personally it was about competition. (The UFC) is the best show in the world. That’s why I’m here.”

White was happy to bury the hatchet.

“I think the fans are as over the Dana-Tito bull [expletive] as we are,” he said.

While there is no date set for his return, White speculated that Ortiz could be matched up with the first UFC heavyweight champion, Mark Coleman, for his first match back in the organization.  Considering Ortiz’s long layoff and Coleman’s domination of light heavyweight star Stephan Bonnar, the fight seems to make sense.  If Ortiz were to win the fight, matchups with any of the many light heavyweight stars would be justifiable.  Coleman would almost certainly be the underdog if such a fight ever materialized, but if he were to win, he would find himself right in the middle of the UFC’s stacked light heavyweight division.



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