TNA fires Jarrett allies


05King of the Ring Savio Vega

Jason Powell’s is reporting that in the first of what is expected to be a series of firings, TNA has let go writer Dutch Mantell and road agent/producer Savio Vega, who were both considered to be members of Jeff Jarrett’s inner circle.  Obviously, this is believed to be part of Kurt Angle’s coup.  No word yet if they will go back to working in Puerto Rico or if Mantell will choose to retire so he can find Stan Hansen.


7 Responses to “TNA fires Jarrett allies”

  1. isaacduke Says:

    What I want to know: who does Kurt Angle know that he can put in positions of power? I mean, is he really that close with Vince Russo that he is the de facto #1?

  2. Bix Says:

    Road agents Eric Angle and Rhaka Khan.

  3. Randall Says:

    Poor Jarrett. Lost his job, his friends, and his life. All he got was a lousy Karen Angle in return.

  4. eric864 Says:

    Savio is looking so poor nowadays.

  5. vrr81 Says:

    Is Jarrett gone? Doesn’t he still own a third of TNA? Really looking forward to him selling his shares to WWE.

    • Chris Sheehan Says:

      that would make things pretty interesting, eh? I may be wrong, but as a minority owner in a private company I think he’d have to get the majority owner (Panda & co.) to approve any sale… if he WERE to sell, it’d probably go to Panda and give them 100%.

      The wrestling biz is an odd animal to be sure… this would kinda be like the McMahon’s having their power usurped in the ‘E.

      Lucky for Dutch & Kwang that there’s always PR wrestling.

  6. D’Amore Back in TNA « Ring Psychology Says:

    […] Back in TNA By Ty Lannister Last week we reported on the firings of Jeff Jarrett allies Savio Vega and Dutch Mantell. The creative […]

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