Uncle Victator’s Wrestling Feedbag


Im going to take a break from the Vader series to give attention to a match some might overlook
Scott Norton vs the Giant Fall Brawl 1997

Fall Brawl 97 is a really good pay per view. The opening match has the late Eddy Guerrero carrying Chris Jericho to a great match. The Faces of Fear having a good tag team match with Mortis and Wrath. I remember Ultimo Dragon and Alex Wright having a good match.The main event being a really good War Games between the Horsemen and the nWo.

But there is one match on this card that would be easy to overlook. Its Scott Norton vs the Giant.

Scott Norton was always a favorite of mine in WCW. I would always look forward to him mauling random guys. Whether it was Randy Savage,Chris Benoit or Gentleman Chris Adams. He is a guy you believe could knock a man out with a knife edge chop.

The main talking point with Paul Wight is he magically became good in 2006. But if you look back at his career you would see a guy who was really good early on. In 1997 he really hit his stride. He was as good as any 7 foot 400 pounder was going to be.

This match is basically a place holder match for the Giant. They did a mini feud on TV. I think it was part of that stupid Eric Bischoff restraining order angle.

Norton vs Giant
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The match starts with Giant and Norton beating the crap out of each other. Norton is bumping huge for the Giant. They go to the outside and Giant suplexes Norton to the floor. Back inside and Norton clotheslines Giant out of the ring with a huge flying clothesline. I have never seen Norton move like this. The match goes into Norton doing a great job of working over the Giant. Giant then goes into an impressive comeback.They put on a hell of a match in under eight minutes. .


One Response to “Uncle Victator’s Wrestling Feedbag”

  1. Chris Sheehan Says:

    Scott Norton is one of the most underrated “big” men I’ve ever seen. He’s always been incredibly impressive. Wish he got picked up by the WWE at some point.

    Thanks for posting this one!

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