Brock Lesnar’s shameful antics


Nothing says “Pro-wrestling antics” like attacking a poor shark. if you ask me we need a hero like Fedor or Shane Carwin to come save that shark from Brock.


9 Responses to “Brock Lesnar’s shameful antics”

  1. vrr81 Says:

    Look the shark clearly attacked the beach. Brock is a hero to those people.

  2. Billy Batson Says:

    What they don’t tell you is that that shark is the Son Of Jaws! Damn liberal jew run media!

  3. isaacduke Says:

    A F5ed shark is a shameful shark.

  4. Ty Lannister Says:

    Proves human superiority to all aquatic life. A hero walks among us.

  5. eric864 Says:

    He should use a shoot f5 in UFC.

  6. vrr81 Says:

    He saves that for the toughest adversaries like Undertaker or Matt Hardy.

  7. Chris Sheehan Says:

    Hero of the Beach! Charles Atlas’ got nothin on Brock.

  8. eric864 Says:

    And after that Brock should use a shoot camel clutch .

  9. PJ Says:

    Happy Shark Week everybody!

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