Great moments in commercials: Widower + hair dye = new mommy


Over the years, many commercials have been embedded in the minds of wrestling fans based on how much they ran on wrestling programming.  How many fewer ads for Skittles and motor oil would we have seen in our lives if we weren’t wrestling fans?  Anyway, we start with the most memorable ad currently running during Smackdown every week, after the jump…

A Seinfeldian “Who’s the marketing genius who came up with this?” if there ever was one.  Two young girls work up the courage to present their greying, presumably widowed father with hair dye because “it’s time” and “you’d be a really nice catch for somebody.”  He goes out on a date where all we see is him taking a picture with this woman to send to his daughters’ phone.  They open their pink (of course) phone to see the picture and are overjoyed, shouting “YES!” in unison while they high-five.  One of the daughters says she’s glad they did it.  The end.

So basically, if you’re a lonely widower whose daughters want a new mommy, dye you hair, and voila.  The whole thing, from the dead mom only being implied to the girls being overly enthusiastic to the texting makes up one of the most hilariously, almost creepily odd commercials you’ll ever see.  And it’s for HAIR DYE.


2 Responses to “Great moments in commercials: Widower + hair dye = new mommy”

  1. eric864 Says:

    Plus the girls have the same outfits on at the start and end of the ad.

  2. Chris Sheehan Says:

    hahaha, this is one of those ads you can tell wasn’t thought thru all the way… great dissection, entertaining read

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