Jeff Hardy: what will it take?


Jeff Hardy is counting down the (literally) days that are left on his contract, while holding the WWE Smackdown World Title after his recent defeat of CM Punk at the last pay per view. Glance at the top ten bestsellers on the WWE Shopzone website, and you will notice that 6 of the top 10 sellers are Jeff Hardy specific (not including pen packs and such). It is apparent that the WWE is offering Hardy the moon at this point, but what would it take to get him to sign on the dotted line? Appearances at only televised events, with no house show duties? Perhaps a Hogan-esque “per appearance” contract?

With all the talk about how the WWE doesn’t build young talent into main event superstars, Jeff Hardy has been elevated quietly into becoming one of the biggest draws they have. Now it appears that they have a superstar on their hands that would be just as happy sitting at home writing bad poetry than to perform in front of millions every week. Time will tell.



2 Responses to “Jeff Hardy: what will it take?”

  1. mgarza Says:

    If he leaves he’ll OD on Drano or something in two months.

  2. Lariat LeChuck Says:

    You know, Jeff is really one of my favorites, I’d hate to see him gone and strung out in TNA again.

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