Kenny Florian: “I was a little upset with Brock”


There has been a lot of debate online about whether Brock Lesnar’s post-fight antics after his victory over Frank Mir were good or bad for the sport. Kenny Florian is coming down on the “bad” side of the fence.

There are certain people that already have a negative perception of Mixed Martial Arts and to see Brock go out there and do that thing and let his emotions get the best of him, left a bad taste in my mouth…It could rub people the wrong way. It could turn them off.

Many pro wrestling fans point to Brock’s success as a PPV draw as an indication that his actions draw in fans. While that has been true to this point, time will tell whether his long term impact is as positive as his undeniable initial explosion onto the scene. It could be that Brock Lesnar is a fighter who is a strong positive with young wrestling fans, while simultaneously turning off older fans used to more sportsmanship and disinterested in professional wrestling promos. Could it be both side are right?


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