Know your submission holds: The D’arce Choke


The overwhelming popularity of JudoAndrew’s “Wrestling Move of the Day” posts have inspired me to shamelessly steal this concept and use it to include submission grappling. An original idea? Nope, and I really don’t care. Here we have UFC heavyweight Frank Mir skillfully showing us the dreaded D’arce choke from half guard.

The D’arce is a fairly versatile chokehold, as we see it being applied from a different position in this video.

And finally, we see it used here as a slick transition out of side control (kesa-gatame).

So there you have it! The mighty D’arce in all its spledor and glory! Have at it!


One Response to “Know your submission holds: The D’arce Choke”

  1. vrr81 Says:

    Probably had to use it to keep Marcy away.

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