Russo out??



At first it seemed that Jeff Jarrett being sent home and Dutch Mantell being let go would be a good thing for Russo but according to Bryan Alvarez on his Sportsbyline radio show Wrestling Observer Live, Russo now “fears for his job”.


5 Responses to “Russo out??”

  1. isaacduke Says:

    Yeah, Russo isn’t really considered one of Jarrett’s “boys”, but apparently he had stood up for Russo a few times in the past when it looked like he might be let go.

  2. Chris Sheehan Says:

    Interesting… especially with the Torch reporting that Panda is in talks to buy Jarrett out of TNA entirely.

    I thought it was Dixie that brought Russo back to begin with back in ’05 or ’06. Either way, it’ll be an interesting few months for TNA… hopefully it’ll carry over to iMPACT

  3. Ty Lannister Says:

    Wrestling gossip like Alvarez provides is, frankly, often just bull. He can make statements like that, and when they come true he celebrates and when they are wrong he just moves on.

    I think you’ll find that all of them, Meltzer included, are wrong more often than right.

  4. mgarza Says:

    To be fair, not a single day should go by where that hack shit head doesn’t fear for his job.

  5. Ty Lannister Says:

    If you mean Alvarez, I agree.

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