“Superstar” Billy Graham is cleaning out his closet


After his WWE Hall of Fame ring sold for $11,500 on Ebay, “Superstar” Billy Graham has decided to sell everything that is HOF related that isn’t nailed down. Next up?

The jacket he wore to the Hall of Fame ceremony is now up for auction on Ebay. Here is the link. Currently, there have been no bids, with the opening bid set at $750.00. Enjoy this picture of said jacket.


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6 Responses to ““Superstar” Billy Graham is cleaning out his closet”

  1. Chris Sheehan Says:

    Wow… is Superstar really hard up for money at the moment, or just bitter that WWE dissolved his Legend’s Contract?

  2. isaacduke Says:

    I would say that dissolving his contract MADE him hard up for money. Plus, when McMahon isn’t paying him, Superstar doesn’t like Vince or the WWE. When they throw some money his way again, all will be forgiven.

  3. Chris Sheehan Says:

    Ah, I wasn’t aware that the Legend’s Contract was actually livable income… thought it was a smaller stipend just for merchandising rights.

    True tho, he’ll be a McMahon backer again the next time they throw a few bucks his way to sit in the front row at Raw/SmackDown! His is a very bi-polar relationship with the ‘E.

  4. isaacduke Says:

    It seems like I heard it was $2,000 a month. Not big money, but hell, every little bit helps.

  5. Bix Says:

    He had a “consulting” contract that was dissolved. I would guess he still has a Legends deal.

  6. isaacduke Says:

    No, the legend contact expired, and they released him from his consulting deal in the same week.

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