Forrest Griffin < Bret Hart


Forrest Griffin heads to a Borders in Las Vegas to try and strongarm shoppers into buying his new autobiography.  Unfortunately, some people seem more interested in buying Bret Hart’s book, because Bret is a better fake fighter than Griffin is a real one.  Score one for professional wrestling!


2 Responses to “Forrest Griffin < Bret Hart”

  1. Forrest Griffin Doesn’t Like Condoms « Ring Psychology Says:

    […] In this video from, Forrest Griffin talks about fighting Anderson Silva, dispels rumors of a rematch with Tito, and talks about what condoms do to him… uhh.  While you can say a lot of things about Forrest Griffin, he is never a bad interview. […]

  2. Say it Ain’t So: Tearful Forrest Flees Cage « Ring Psychology Says:

    […] This bizaree behavior, moreso than the humbling loss, may affect the average UFC fan’s perception of Griffin. He seemed like a regular guy, but breaking down in tears and refusing to meet with the media post-fight is not regular behavior. This self-help author would not approve. […]

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