Your Wrestling Move of the Day: The Moonsault


I still remember the first time I ever saw the moonsault: It was the 123 Kid’s stunning upset of Razor Ramon. I must have been 12 years old or so and I was a huge mark for Razor but I couldn’t possibly get mad because I had just witnessed the coolest move I’d ever seen. Nowadays we see moonsaults all the time but they’re still pretty amazing! Let’s see you do a backflip off some rickety ass little post and land stomach first on some mook.

Here’s Zack Gowen doing it, made all the more impressive because homeboy’s missing a leg.


One Response to “Your Wrestling Move of the Day: The Moonsault”

  1. libert4d Says:

    “homeboy’s missing a leg.” hilarious!

    I like the Moonsaults with a little something extra, like Christopher Daniels’ world’s greatest moonsault, or Sabu’s triple jump moonsault.
    Or whatever you call what Super Crazy often did with his 3 moonsaults.

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