Random Raw thoughts~!


–  Compared to Piven and his wacky Asian sidekick Seth Green is the Misawa of Raw hosts

–    They write for Cena thinking he is as good on the mic as the Rock but he can not get material that bad over.

– OMG! Piven said Summerfest instead of Summerslam. You can tell that Piven is not a fan unlike Seth Green and Shaq

– OMG! Hunter just buried Batista and Flair are those two on the out’s with Vince?

Jericho asked Lawler how many titles he held outside of WWE.. that was strange

And now Jericho almost said Charles Robinson’s name on TV but according to new WWE rules he can not (why? I have no idea)

– It turns out that Piven and the Asian guy were heels all along! Hey why would I want to see this guys movie now as I do not support rule breakers!

So the asian guy hit his head nice catch dudes.


6 Responses to “Random Raw thoughts~!”

  1. Newt Says:

    HAHAHAHHAHA again Eric brings the funny!!!

  2. Chris Sheehan Says:

    I loved Jericho catching himself with “Charles Robinsuh–”

    I don’t think I’ve ever fast-forwarded an episode of Raw more than this… Piven and his pal were terrible.

  3. Ty Lannister Says:

    Poor Piven. Was his friend “Lloyd”?

  4. vrr81 Says:

    Run Jeremy Piven, run back to your sanctuary on premium cable!!!

  5. THE_DLC Says:

    so uh yeah that was not a good episode of raw

    I think expecting a sharp tongued Ari Gold-like promo from Jeremy Piven was too much to ask.

  6. Rwa2play Says:

    To say that this episode of RAW was a train wreck would be insulting…to train wrecks.

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