Wrestling Fans: Lesnar Hates You!


Attention wrestling fans: Brock Lesnar does not want your love. He despises you. The business you love, the art of professional wrestling? He hates it. Hated being a part of it. He has written you out of his life.

Brock hates wrestling so much, he doesn’t even like to talk about it. Our special contributor Jonathan Snowden tried to ask him about it. Ask him how that went sometime. Yet wrestling fans have come over in droves to support Brock’s fights in the UFC. Camel Clutch doesn’t get it and neither do I.

Brock Lesnar has been outspoken about his pro wrestling career since the day he left the WWE. Lesnar hated it there and is not shy to say it. Lesnar recently told ESPN that he has blacked out part of his WWE career. Lesnar despised pro wrestling so much that he doesn’t even care to remember it.

So why are wrestling fans and pro wrestlers so quick to remember Brock Lesnar? Brock Lesnar is not representing pro wrestling in UFC. Brock Lesnar is representing himself. Brock Lesnar has openly admitted that he is in it for the money. If you think Brock Lesnar gives a damn about you, than you haven’t paid attention to Brock Lesnar.

I understand why wrestling fans want to see Brock fight. I just don’t get why they are cheering him on. He’s the anti-wrestling, the business’s biggest critic. Next time you see Brock Lesnar in the Octagon, only one word should come out of your mouth: BOOOOO!


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7 Responses to “Wrestling Fans: Lesnar Hates You!”

  1. jesnowden Says:


  2. mgarza Says:


  3. redwards Says:

    it’s a manifestation of our self-loathing. we would boo lesnar if we thought his claims unfounded, but we cannot help but applaud a man who has spoken nothing but truth about the thing we cannot help but love.

  4. eric864 Says:

    He just hates us because he loves us.

  5. vrr81 Says:

    I still like him because he woul throw dudes around and droped guys on their head.

  6. Ty Lannister Says:

    But, but, he’s a heel!

  7. THE_DLC Says:

    Our love for Brock is unconditional. We will never leave him nor forsake him.

    Unless he, you know, murders his family.

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