If this happens, all the bad Guest GMs were worth it


During an interview  with IGN promoting the upcoming season of IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, co-creator Glenn Howerton discussed an episode that would revolve around three characters on the show developing wresting personas. The interviewer brought up Raw’s recent trend of celebrity guest GMs, and this is what he said…

Howerton told me about a wrestling-themed episode of Sunny in Season 5, in which Dennis, Mac (Rob McElhenney) and Charlie (Charlie Day) form “a triumvirate tag team called the Birds of War.” Howerton revealed that for the episode they’d created Birds of War costumes and entrance music, and that none other than “Rowdy” Roddy Piper guest stars in the installment.

Noting the obvious tie-in that Sunny episode seemed to offer, I asked Howerton if he’d heard about RAW’s recent use of guest hosts. As it turned out, not only was the answer yes, but Howerton told me, “Yeah, they want us to do that, actually. There’s a very good chance, if the dates work out, that we may be doing that sometime in September. We’ll see. It’s not definite.”

Howerton added, “If we do [go on RAW], our plan is to come on as the Birds of War. We may have a little bit of beef with somebody. We’ll see. “


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3 Responses to “If this happens, all the bad Guest GMs were worth it”

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    Bastards stole my idea that I never got around to making.

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