Uncle Victator’s Wrestling Feedbag


Thats right two in one day. Well I guess not the same calendar day. Looking for the Tanaka/Hashimoto match on Dailymotion made me want to find another FMW alum match. This one from the 2003 Triple Crown tourney. Its Toshiaki Kawada vs “Gladiator” Mike Awesome

AJPW – Toshiaki Kawada vs The Gladiator
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Toshiaki Kawada is another legendary Japanese wrestler known for kicking guys really hard. Mike Awesome is famous from his time in FMW and ECW where he was a master of a million variations of the power bomb while also doing sweet looking flying moves.

The match starts off with Awesome trash talking Kawada. Kawada does a heel kick to Awesome. Awesome Power Bombs Kawada into the mat. The match is then over in three minutes Awesome is legitimately knocked unconscious.

Mike Awesome hung himself in Febuary of 2007. It got little attention since awesome was not very famous outside of wrestling. But looking at the type of wrestling he did in his career and seeing the disoriented glassy eyed look he had in 2002/2003. Its hard not to come to the conclusion he was brain damaged.


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