Uncle Victator’s Wrestling Feedbag


This is not going to be a very long write up. Its an early Memphis squash match featuring an all time favorite.

Sabu & Judge Dredd vs TD Steele & Ken Raper
Uploaded by Maffewgregg. – Discover the latest sports and extreme videos.

This is Sabu and his cousin Judge Dredd taking on TD Steel and Ken Raper. I saw Dredd on a few ECW cards. Huge guy and did not seem terrible. But thats some really indy ring gear. Just a tee shirt and jeans. I think I might have seen him in person once. It was 1992 and he wrestled Danny “Not Dangerous” Davis. Billed as the new Undertaker. Did the rope walk and everything. Might explain the hat he wore to the ring. Also did a 91 Taker style chokeslam.

What I found impressive about Sabu here was he really goes all out on the Arabian mad man gimmick. Which gradually faded away over the years. He is wrestling barefoot bounicing off the ropes with leg drops and splashes. With a few nice looking suplexes thrown in.

They do a nice looking tower of doom spot to finish off Steel and the Raper.


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