Vince McMoments: Stand Back


So, you’re Vince McMahon in 1987.  Your wrestling company is releasing its second record album.  Jim Crockett, the guy you sold the coveted TBS wrestling deal to, is making a desperate national expansion that included buying a dying territory (in the midst of its own desperate national expansion) for millions of dollars so he could then pay millions more for said territory’s TV clearances.  Your next step is obvious.  You record a Jim Crockett diss track under the guise of an Andre the Giant tribute.

So first, we have the original music video, which aired on WWF programming and was included on the VHS release supporting the album.  Just a bunch of Andre clips as Vince allegedly sings about him.

Then came the live performance at the 2nd Slammy Awards (for which, according to Bret Hart, none of the wrestlers were paid), where Vince camps it up so much that Stu Hart was convinced he was gay.  This was really a historic moment in that it was probably the first real public glimpse of the Vince we now know (and most of us love).  An amazing spectacle.


One Response to “Vince McMoments: Stand Back”

  1. Ty Lannister Says:

    stand back rules!

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