Linda McMahon considering running for US Senate



According to the Morning Fix on the Washington Post’s website, a source close to Linda McMahon says she is “seriously considering” running for the US Senate seat representing Connecticut that is currently held by Democrat Chris Dodd.  I got nothin’.


3 Responses to “Linda McMahon considering running for US Senate”

  1. eric864 Says:


  2. mgarza Says:

    I know this will never happen, but if it somehow DID could you imagine the sense of entitlement Vince will have? It be the greatest thing ever.

  3. Chris Sheehan Says:

    heh… maybe this would be something that she’d be good at… couldn’t make a guess either way. I don’t think she’ll be able to shake the “rasslin” and “Vince” albatrosses though.

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