Ring Psychology and the WWE are giving away two hard plastic WWE Superstars water bottles with carrying bag. The contest is simple. Watch WWE Superstars and write a review right here in the comments section of Ring Psych.

We will choose two winners and they will send you the swag. Too easy!



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6 Responses to “WWE Superstars GIVEAWAY”

  1. WWE Superstars Preview and Contest « Ring Psychology Says:

    […] Don’t forget our WWE Superstars contest! Make sure to review Superstars in the comments section here. Winner gets some free swag! […]

  2. Justin Says:

    Really great match between Morrison and Smith highlighted this show. Morrison has become one of the five best workers int he entire company, but he isn’t a big enough star to squash all the young guys. So we get a good 12 minute competitive match like this. Awesome stuff!

    Goldust also looked really good in his match. He seems interested, like he hasn’t been in years.

    Good show.

  3. Kristina Says:

    I liked the mixed match in the main event slot. I know a lot of people don’t like the girls wrestling but I think it’s good to see them as more than eye candy. Sistas Doin It!

    John Morrison, by far, the hottest guy in the WWE. He wrestled with his shirt off, so it was all good. I like the high flying moves. GO BOY!

    Other match was fatties. Ugh.

  4. King Dave Says:

    John Morrison vs David Hart Smith (with Natalya): I’m kind of surprised this wasn’t in the main event slot. JR and Todd welcome us to the show and let us know that the main event for Smackdown tomorrow night will be John Morrison vs CM Punk. I’ve really enjoyed the recent matches between Morrison and Kidd so let’s see what Bulldog Jr brings to the proceedings. Smith takes control using his size advantage to start working the arm. After a reversal sequence from John, Smith drops working the arm and retakes control with more brawler based offense. Morrison makes another brief comeback but DH rolls out of the ring to take a break. John climbs the ropes to attempt some aerial offense but Natalya stands in the way and we take a commercial break.

    A nice reversal sequence greats us as we return but Smith takes control following the spot with a strong back elbow and clothesline combo. A fight in the corner leads to DH hitting a superplex but it takes too much out of him to capitalize quickly enough for a 3 count. Morrison gets a comeback rolling with his handstand kick and a standing moonsault The back and forth action continues as do the reversals until John looks to have Smith set-up for the Starship Pain but DH is up quickly looking to turn it into a german suplex attempt. But John slips out of it during the throw and lands another kick to set-up another Starship Pain attempt which connects for the pinfall victory. Not as good as the Kidd/Morrison matches have been but still solid and entertaining.

    We get another “Ask the Divas” segment and a Punk/Hardy TLC promo for Summer Slam before hitting another commercial break.

    Sheamus vs Goldust: I have no idea who Sheamus is but we’re told that he holds 2 victories over Goldust in this red hot feud from ECW on SyFy. I’ll bet Kevin’s ECW Recap’s can fill me in on what I’ve been missing. According to Josh and Matt, the “Celtic Warrior” is undefeated since his WWE debut. We get some pushing and shoving to start which Sheamus gets the better of, but he loses control quickly after trying to take the action into the corner. Goldust commences to stomping on the young lad a bit, but Sheamus escapes outside the ring and we do the same to a commercial break.

    We return to Sheamus in control of the match and are shown that he gained that advantage with the help of the ring steps. The offense both inside and outside of the ring since we’ve returned from the break has been all Sheamus. But with the crowd behind him, Goldie makes the comeback using the trademarked Rhodes family offense. A double big boot spot leads to both men being down on the matt as they both rise, Goldie rolls up the youngster and he gets the pinfall out of nowhere. I’d guess that viewers of ECW have not seen the last of this match-up and hopefully they’ll be treated to better versions of it than this dull affair.

    Our Superstar spotlight video of the week is dedicated to Kane and we are treated to a Raw Rebound featuring the nice RKO/FU that Orton and Cena hit on Jericho but sadly not HBK superkicking that little girl.

    US Champion Kofi Kingston & Divas Champion Mickie James vs Carlito & Rosa Mendes: The Divas try to get things started before the bell with a little cat-fight action but for some reason the guys break it up. Carlito officially starts the match off against Kofi and after a couple of roll up attempts by Kingston; he takes control by manhandling the US Champ. We get a couple of rope running sequences that Kofi gets the better of with a high flying kick but before he can hit his gyrating legdrop, Carlito bails out and tags in Rosa. This of course means that both women must come into the match. Mickie comes in full of energy and fire but surprisingly Rosa also gets her licks in during a couple of sloppy sequences.

    After a double KO spot in the corner, Rosa makes the tag first but under these rules doesn’t really help her team as Kofi flies in from the top rope onto Carlito as he enters. Kingston is quickly in control and finally gets to hit his legdrop for a near fall. A battle on the top rope leads to Kingston hitting a cross body from the top for another two count. After a bit of a Diva-distraction, Carlito is laid out in the corner and Kofi looks to hit the big splash but he moves. Kofi safely lands on his feet on the turnbuckle but before he can follow up, Carlito hits him with the Backstabber from the top and gets the pinfall victory for his team! Not a great match and I dislike those mixed tag rules but it had a hot finish thanks to the guys involved.

  5. Jake Says:

    John Morrison is my favorite citizen of the WWE Universe. Athletic, quick, and abs aplenty.

  6. Radtown Says:

    Superstars for 8/13/09:

    Opening match is Jim Morrison vs. David Hart Smith.
    The camera angles right off the bat are kind of weird. JR suggests that DH Smith learned how to wrestle before he learned how to swim, which means his priorities are all screwed up, or that JR is trying to alert everyone to the embarrassing fact that the son of the British Bulldog does not know how to swim. Grisham repeatedly refers to Morrison as “the Guru of Greatness” which is basically the worst nickname for a babyface since, oh, I don’t know, “The Charismatic Enigma”. DH Smith is like a fatter and more boring Roderick Strong, which should send a shiver up your spine. DH Smith takes over on offense after the commercial break, and applies a chinlock with aplomb. Crowd actually appears to be more into the match than it warrants, doing the “BOO/YAY” punches thing. Morrison and Smith actually do the flipping bridge/stand-up reversal thing that Flair famously couldn’t get together in his last match. Morrison wins with Starship Pain following a shocking lack of interference from Natalya. Does Smith even have a finisher?

    There’s an “Ask the Divas” segment which is creepy and patriarchal bullshit enforcing gender roles and whatnot soooooo I’m skippin it!

    Oh man, SHEAMUS is wrestling next! I haven’t seen this guy yet.

    Sheamus vs. Goldust
    Someone lit a fire under Goldust’s ass recently and he looks great. Sheamus is pretty great. He has awesome music, a great unique look and is capable in the ring. Crowd does the BOO/YAY thing again briefly, and Sheamus takes over. Goldust pounds him down in the corner and Sheamus stalls by hiding in the crowd. Back from the break and Sheamus is in control again. Crowd starts a “Goldberg” style “Goldust” chant, and I don’t know that I’ve ever heard that before. Clever. They should have had ‘dust capitalize on that at the time instead of Gillberg maybe. Striker says the Irish are “infamous for blessings and curses” and I have no idea what that could possibly mean. Goldust rolled to his knees to sell something at one point and I thought he was DUSTING UP, but no dice. Goldust finally makes a big comeback and we get a double-KO spot where both guys kick one another. Goldust wins out of nowhere with a small package. That actually turned into a really good TV match, but could have used a better ending.

    Recap of how Kane is a monster and what happened on Raw.

    Kofi Kingston & Mickie James vs. Carlito & Rosa Mendez
    I am pretty sure the heel tag team has no reason to be together other than both being “ethnic”. Rosa is basically stealing Maryse’s entrance. Match starts with a pull-apart between the two ladies. A pull-apart, because I guess catfighting isn’t legal in a wrestling match? Carlito looks weird with a mustache and soulpatch. Carlito and Kofi wrestle for a while and it’s honestly pretty boring. At this point I’m actually interested in seeing the ladies wrestle. Carlito interrupts the boom boom boots leg drop and makes the tag to Rosa, bringing in Mickie since it’s mixed tag rules. Rosa tries to taunt the crowd to get heat while she’s on offense but it looks mostly like the Elaine dance. Another double-KO spot and Rosa makes the hot tag, which means that Mickie also made the hot tag, so that was stupid of Rosa really. Boom boom boots leg drop connects. Rosa interference leads to nothing much really. It breaks down into what I would call a Pier Two-and-a-half brawl at best, and in the tumultuous fray, Carlito wins with a backstabber off the top rope (kinda).

    Best match on the show featured Goldust. Welcome to 2009 WWE.

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