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The identity of the women Kurt Angle allegedly stalked

August 15, 2009

According to a criminal report filed in Pittsburgh today, We can say that Rhaka Khan is the women who Kurt Angle allegedly stalked .


Other Wrestling stalkers

August 15, 2009

DDP even says “Impact!”

Look out Goldust your old partner is still in love with you.

Random Smackdown thoughts

August 15, 2009

-Punk is once again ruling as a heel and here comes Jeff Hardy! And he looks like a bum!
– And Jeff says “Im here and IN YOUR FACE” what a dork.
-It seems that Kane kidnapping Runjin Singh was one of the most terrifying moments of Runjin Singh’s life. Are we ever going to get a top ten list of the most terrifying moments of Runjin Singh’s life?
-I see that Doulph is rocking the Barry Windham vest.
-Mike Knox is still around?
-In a al qaeda-like video Kane is torturing young Runjin, (who nobody has tried to help at all) and trying to get him to insult The Great Khail. Maybe Soon this will get all “THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS” on us.
-So Runjin is Khails brother? Wow Runjin Singh character development.
– So Khali tries to help his brother and gets his ass beat.
– Are they saying that Jeff Hardy is high right now?
– The Harts are cheered in Canada for some reason.
-So next week we have The Hardys and Morrison vs Punk and the Harts. That will rule.
– Punk still rules as a heel btw

Smackdown results

August 15, 2009


Dolph Ziggler beat Finlay
CM Punk defeated John Morrison
Melina defeated Layla
Big Show beat JTG
The Hart Dynasty beat Jeff Hardy

For more info click here.

WWE releases Eugene

August 14, 2009

WWE.Com says that Eugene has been wished the best in his future endeavors.

Kevin Nash interview

August 12, 2009 has a very interestling interview with Kevin Nash on a variety of topics. Excerpt:

AC: So you don’t stand out that much in terms of age. Is it a problem that that much of the TNA roster – especially the guys on top – are in the – not even over 40 – but over 45 or 50 club?

KN: You know, the biggest problem that I’ve seen in our business – and I remember a few years ago when Triple-H and Shawn Michaels came into Daytona Beach for a house show. Paul [Levesque] has a coach now that he travels in. We were just sitting in the coach talking. We were kind of going through the rosters and saying who are the guys who are going to replace us. Which guys are going to replace us when we retire? And everybody through names around and there weren’t a whole lot of names of guys who we thought were going to replace us.

You look at a guy like Edge, and now he’s starting to realize – and, gosh, I don’t even know how old he is but he I think he’s in his 30’s. And he’s getting to the point where he’s had a ton of injuries. John Cena has had a ton of injuries. With these guys, it’s almost [a question of] who can last.

You can check it out here

Underrated theme songs: Kung Fu Naki

August 11, 2009

Come on it is very catchy.

Dana White to stop doing his video blogs???

August 11, 2009

mfdana reports that Dana White will stop doing his very popular and controversial video blogs. On this subject Dana White has said

Tim Sylvia’s next fight

August 11, 2009

After getting knocked out in nine seconds in June by almost fifty boxer Ray Mercer reports that his next fight will be with Jason Riley for Monte Cox’s Adrenaline MMA promotion.

Random thoughts for Raw is superkicks to little girls

August 11, 2009

-I kind of miss real guest hosts allready.
– That Jericho/Big Show mash up music…….Hate.
-Lawler has already started with the “Canada=Bizzaro world!!!” thing that he always says.
-Wow Show vs Orton I guess Show is the face.
-Hunter goes to Texas so we will get more wacky Hunter bits!
– Is It just me or is Kelly Kelly getting younger looking?
-At what point did Alisha Fox stop being a wedding planer?
-The last few months MVP has been the number 3 face on Raw. Yet it does not seem like that.
– So Slaughter is playing heel in Canada by liking America. What are people in America supposed to think about this?
-With The GI Joe movie out they should really have Slaughter do a bit with CM Punk where the Sarge is angry at him for his Cobra tattoo.
– So Shawn quit wrestling to become a chef. This sounds like a kind of strange storyline that I would make up when I played with my WWF action figures when I was 8.
-Hi Eugene. Bye Eugene.
-I bet tonight’s Shawn/Hunter skits were really funny when some stoners came up with it.
-So Shawn just attacked a little girl. What will the Apter mags say? I remember the Apter mags being mad that 911 attacked Santa in ECW.
-Man Vince sure loves to troll Canada.
– Now Lawler is explaining what Bizzaro is. Next week Lawler explains the DC Multieverse!
-Screw the main event the highlight of the show was Shawn attacking a little Veruca Salt-like girl .