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Hogan’s Back Surgery Photos

August 15, 2009


Of course nothing Hogan does is private. The whole ordeal was filmed for his daughter’s reality TV show.

After a warning that major surgery – with metal rods put in his back – could end his hopes of a grappling comeback, Hulk opted for the lighter laser surgery instead.

The whole procedure was filmed and broadcast on his daughters new reality show, Brooke Knows Best.

The former world champion insisted that he felt better almost immediately after the procedure and proved the Hulk of old was back when he told pal and fellow ex-wrestling star Brian Knobs: “What the f*** are you bringing me flowers for? I’m not your damn girlfriend.”


McMahon Not the Only Wrestler Running For Office

August 15, 2009

Linda McMahon isn’t the only wrestling personality running for office. B. Brian Blair is at it again, running for a Florida House of Representatives seat despite his recent child abuse controversy.

Blair incurred a spate of negative publicity recently when police were called to his home and he was arrested on child abuse charges as result of a domestic argument between him and his sons that turned violent. The charges were dropped, and Blair said he was exonerated, after the state attorney announced the evidence didn’t warrant prosecution on the charges.

One thing about Blair: you know he won’t be soft on crime. Look at how he handles business with his own kids!

WWE Statement on McMahon Senate Run

August 15, 2009


Statement on Linda McMahon and the United States Senate

Linda McMahon, CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, is considering a run for the United States Senate representing the state of Connecticut. Should she decide to run, Linda would step down as CEO, and Vince McMahon would assume the duties of CEO in addition to his current position as WWE Chairman.

Can you imagine how busy the person assigned to do opposition research on the frikkin McMahon family would be? What an amazing thing this would be. With a Senate seat up for grabs, the skeletons would be marching out of the McMahon closet on a regular basis. And if she ran and lost, the WWE skits mocking sub-committees or rehashing the Senate Page Scandal would be epic!

We NEED this to happen.

Carano v. Cyborg Preview

August 15, 2009

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August 14, 2009


Ring Psychology and the WWE are giving away two hard plastic WWE Superstars water bottles with carrying bag. The contest is simple. Watch WWE Superstars and write a review right here in the comments section of Ring Psych.

We will choose two winners and they will send you the swag. Too easy!


Brock Lesnar v. Strikeforce?

August 12, 2009

Strikeforce has done it now! They’ve woken the sleeping giant. UFC President Dana White is going at them now with both barrels. MMA fans will now have a choice this weekend: they can watch Gina Carano vs. Cris Cyborg in the first ever major show headlined by women, OR they can watch select bouts from UFC 100 on SPIKE TV. The show was headlined by a UFC Heavyweight title fight between Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir.

The UFC now seems likely to counter program any major card by a competitor. It made a similar move last year when it went head to head with Affliction: Banned. In that case, the UFC actually aired a live Fight Night card. Although this show isn’t big enough to warrant it, I suspect Fedor Emelianenko’s debut in October will be met with stiffer resistance.

D’Amore Back in TNA

August 11, 2009

Last week we reported on the firings of Jeff Jarrett allies Savio Vega and Dutch Mantell. The creative shakeup at TNA continues today, with the word that Scott D’Amore, who left the company last year, is coming back to help the Knockouts division.

Insiders speculate that D’Amore will soon transcend the Knockouts and be back on the creative team proper.

Madusa: Role Model

August 11, 2009

Madusa Micelli has somehow found a new profession that attracts even more rednecks than wrestling.

“I’ve opened many doors where you’re seeing more and more women in the business,” said Miceli, who started in 1999 under Dennis Anderson, the man behind Grave Digger. “It’s phenomenal. I feel fortunate and lucky to be able to do that.

“Being a role model brings tears to your eyes sometimes. Seeing the kids standing in line for hours, I’m very lucky in what I do.”

WWE Having Trouble Securing Guest Hosts?

August 11, 2009


We had heard that guest hosting RAW was all set to join Letterman and Kimmel as just another stop for movie stars looking to plug their latest films. Instead, the WWE seems to be having problems securing A or even B level talent for this gig. After scoring Shaq and Jeremy Piven, the promotion has been reduced to inbred talent like Sergeant Slaughter and Freddie Prinze Jr.

Prinze is a long time celebrity fan who took his involvement to the next level when he joined the creative team briefly. He hasn’t really been a movie star for years and is best known as “that guy that married Buffy.”

If this experiment is going to work, it has to have name talent, if not everytime, at least more than occasionally. Slaughter and Prinze are not positive signs that the guest host is long for this world.

Up in Smoke: Diaz Out

August 11, 2009


Everyone knows Strikeforce fighter Nick Diaz likes to smoke it up. He’s a card carrying medical marijuana recipient who has already been busted once for fighting while high. So when the state of California called looking for some urine, Diaz was nowhere to be found. Some said he was training in Florida. Others claimed he was in the mountains. We don’t know for sure where he was, but it wasn’t at the urinalysis.

But apparently it is a little more complicated than a fighter refusing a pee test.