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Final Word on Fedor: What Happened and Why.

August 3, 2009


Our own special contributor Jonathan Snowden has a new article up at Inside Fights detailing how the UFC failed to come to terms with MMA’s hottest free agent.


Guest of the Guest Host: Helms Hinted for RAW

August 2, 2009


Jeremy Piven is hinting on Twitter that his co host on WWE RAW tomorrow night will be The Office star Ed Helms, who coicidentally also has a role in Piven’s new movie The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard.

With me tomorrow night on Raw is a gentleman u know from “The hangover” and he also has a day job .

Just met the good people of the WWE and the strongest man in the world! Mon is going to be interesting….

Happy Birthday Scott Steiner!

August 1, 2009

TNA superstar Scott Steiner turned 47 years old this past Wednesday. We here at Ring Psych would like to congratulate Scott by offering up to his fans video of his most memorable TNA moments.

Video after the jump. (more…)

The Prodigal Son Returns

August 1, 2009

14 months of speculation result in Ortiz coming back to the UFC

Tito Ortiz is a business man first and foremost. He realizes that his best days as a fighter have passed. He understands that he’s no longer a top 5 light heavyweight. He gets the fact that his name and face carry more value than his actual skills at this point in the game. Most importantly, he knows that there’s an awful lot of fans out there who will pay to see him regardless of whether or not he’s a diminished fighter and that the best place for him to ply his craft is the UFC. Tito is coming home. Freshly recovered from a back surgery that is supposed to give him back his explosiveness, Tito is rumored to be facing off with fellow MMA graybeard Mark Coleman sometime later this year. He may not win UFC gold ever again, but there is no denying  the impact Tito has on mainstream MMA exposure. Like him or hate him, Tito is good for MMA.

Great moments in Brock Lesnar history: “I don’t like gays.”

August 1, 2009


When Brock Lesnar was going for his NFL dreams, a rather infamous article was written about him for  The most notable portion, which led the story, is after the jump, followed by the video that gave us the above image…


The Lord Speaks Through JBL

July 31, 2009


Recently Alex Marvez interviewed Tully Blanchard. Tully was considering a return to the business when a JBL tirade brought him to his senses.

“To be perfectly honest, I don’t remember ever meeting him. All I could say was I hope he could forgive me because it was very possible I treated him like crap since I treated a lot of people like that in those days. But one thing he said turned on a light in my mind. He said, ‘You don’t belong here.’ God used him to say those words and the door shut right there.”

Blanchard and the other original Horsemen will be at a wrestling reunion next week.

JCW’s upcoming show

July 30, 2009

JCW (Juggalo Championshit Wrestling), the Insane Clown Posse’s wrestling fed, has announced a full weekend of wrestling at their upcoming Gathering. Some of the wrestlers signed to compete are Jimmy Jacobs, Ken Shamrock, and Butterbean.

Wrestling Move Of The Day: The Powerbomb!

July 30, 2009

Who among us does not love the powerbomb? Of all wrestling maneuvers, the powerbomb is almost certainly the one that sucks the most to take.  It’s such a great move because it looks super impressive even to non-wrestling fans. Here is Eddie powerbombing a woman because he was evil and also was awesome.

What I LOVE about Pro Wrestling: Reason One

July 29, 2009
"I hama Santino Marella anda I hama the best thing in ALL of pro wrestling!"

"I hama Santino Marella anda I hama the best thing in ALL of pro wrestling!"

Throughout the last 5 years or so I have slowly grown disinterested in pro wrestling for various reasons. Raw and Smackdown used to be must-watch TV for me, but as time has gone on I have gotten to a point where I no longer watch Raw live, and more often than not I fast forward through most of the shows that I record on my DVR. Diva matches, lengthy in ring promos, Legacy, none of these things interest me. The one thing that I will stop to watch regardless of the situation is anything involving Santino Marella. Between the comedic timing, the uni brow and the Eurotrash look Santino has carved out a niche as the finest bit of comic relief in wrestling. Is he a good wrestler? Hell if I know. The one thing I am certain of is that the goofy bastard can make me laugh like no one else. Five years ago I would have been dead set against the mere thought of Santino. Back then madeup terms like “moveset” and “workrate” hindered my ability to simply sit back and enjoy wrestling. Santino is living proof that being able to wrestle 5 star wankfests is a fine tool to have as a pro wrestler, but it is not a requisite. So here’s to you, Santino, reason #1 of why I LOVE pro wrestling!

HHH’s Birthday Bash

July 28, 2009


After RAW went off the air, the locker room came out to wish their future boss HHH a happy birthday. It was all smiles and fun, kind of like how the Rock would sing with the audience or Stone Cold would down some brews. Only lamer.

The shenanigans after the break.