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Brutus Beefcake: Shooter

August 6, 2009

wwf brutus beefcake

Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, AKA Ed Leslie, a man with steel plates in his face after a tragic parasailing accident (you can’t make this stuff up) was knocked out in less than 30 seconds during a celebrity toughman contest in Philadelphia. If you think Beefcake is stretching the definition of celebrity thin, what can you say about his opponent?


PPV Distributor: “Boxing is Dead”

August 5, 2009

Yahoo Cagewriter found a nice interview with a pay-per-view distributor who talked about the UFC and boxing.  The interview comes from and has some brutal quotes… if you’re in the business of boxing, that is.  Joe Hand, a PPV distributor had this, among other things, to say about UFC and boxing competition:

“People ask, ‘Do you think UFC will kill boxing?’ ” Hand said. “It already has. Boxing’s dead.

“Look, the next [Floyd] Mayweather fight [Sept. 19, against Juan Manuel Marquez] is the same night as UFC 103. Does that make any sense?

“If you own a sports bar and you can buy a UFC event for $1,000, and you know you’re going to pack the place, why would you buy the Mayweather fight for $2,200 and not do as well?”

Hand, 72, still sells boxing’s bigger fights to about 40 sports bars and restaurants in the Delaware Valley, and up to 3,500 nationwide and in American territories as far-flung as Guam. But, increasingly, boxing constitutes a smaller portion of his business, and UFC makes up for, and surpasses, whatever he has lost in boxing.


RIP Vernon Forrest

July 26, 2009

Former world champion Vernon Forrest was shot to death in Atlanta, GA last night in an attempted carjacking. While putting air in the tires of his Jaguar, 2 men pulled up beside him in a red Monte Carlo, attempting to steal the car. They apparently did not know two things: there was a child in the car, and Forrest was armed. A foot chase resulted in shots being fired by everyone involved, with Forrest being shot 7 or 8 times, including at least once in the head. The child was unharmed. Forrest was 38 years old.

For more on the story, click here.

Arturo Gatti: MMA pioneer?

July 12, 2009

Arturo Gatti’s sudden death at the age of 37 is less shocking than his sudden rise to fame in 2002.  By then it was clear Gatti would never live up to his potential, would never be a world class fighter. He had fallen to Angel Manfredy, twice  to Ivan Robinson, and was decimated by Oscar De La Hoya. Combined with the consitant rumors of drug abuse, it was fairly obvious that he was through as a competitive world-class fighter.

Enter Micky Ward.  Another fighter past his prime, Ward had nothing to lose when he stepped into the ring to fight Gatti for the first time in Uncasville, CT. It was both men’s signature fight.  Gatti had won RING Magazine’s fight of the year twice.  Neither fight compared to this.  The two men were like whirling dervishes, handing out punishment and happily receiving it. Two legends were made that night, even though neither will be remembered as a true great.  They were throwbacks, to a time when men like Jake LaMotta graced the ring.

Ward and Gatti made millions despite being a notch below world-class.  And this had a tremendous influence on the UFC and MMA as well.  The Ward-Gatti fights were the template, the epitome of what Zuffa wanted from their fighters in the cage.  Undercard fighters were expected to swing for the fences, eschew takedowns and boring ground fights, and always, always fight for the fans.  The UFC is in many ways a promotion built on the ethos of Gatti-Ward.  In the cage it was called Griffin-Bonnar, but the sentiment was the same.

Death of a Dude: Arturo Gatti

July 11, 2009

Note: As requested by management; a do over.

Arturo Gatti was found dead today in a hotel room in Brazil, seemingly of suspicious means. Undoubtedly, Camaros up and down the parking lots of Seaside Heights, Atlantic City, and Wildwood are already having tributes splashed in the windows to their fallen hero, boxing’s last Italian/Quebecois Blood And Guts Hero (TM by HBO). No word yet obviously on funeral arrangements, though its certain that when they are made, many New Jersey and Staten Island salons will be jammed with guidos needing to their highlights done for the ceremony.

Gatti will be remembered for his wars, which elevated himself and other second tier fighters to main event and millionaire status, along with a number of controversial issues, such as his heavy alcoholism and reputed cocaine use in the 1990s, his assault on a girlfriend in Atlantic City earlier in the decade, and the infamous Joey Gamache fight, where he was allowed to weigh in without being on a scale and subsequently nearly killed the 20 pound lighter Gamache the following night.

Boxing News and Rumors

July 10, 2009

After a lull caused by numerous cancellations, the sport of boxing gets back underway this weekend with a major card headlined by the bantamweight title bout between Joseph Agbeko and Vic Darchinyan. No hate whatsoever to the UFC PPV, but the two bouts scheduled for Showtime this Saturday look to be significantly more competitive than anything on the much ballyhooed UFC 100. Its the tip of the iceberg for Showtime, who are already planning the rest of 2009 and much of 2010 out as well. Just a few weeks away on August 1st, Timothy Bradley and Nate Campbell headline a two fight card. However, most intruiging is what will officially be announced Monday.