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Jim Cornette on Lesnar: He Gets Heat Everywhere He Goes

August 6, 2009


Legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette had a tough job when he ran Ohio Valley Wrestling. He had to get social misfits like Brock Lesnar ready for a hard and stressful job in pro wrestling. Cornette is one of the best talkers in wrestling history and appeared on Who’s Slamming Who on the Pod-o-matic online service to explain why Brock Lesnar was a great heel in real life, bigger than he ever could have been in wrestling.



Wrestling Fans: Lesnar Hates You!

August 5, 2009

Attention wrestling fans: Brock Lesnar does not want your love. He despises you. The business you love, the art of professional wrestling? He hates it. Hated being a part of it. He has written you out of his life.

Brock hates wrestling so much, he doesn’t even like to talk about it. Our special contributor Jonathan Snowden tried to ask him about it. Ask him how that went sometime. Yet wrestling fans have come over in droves to support Brock’s fights in the UFC. Camel Clutch doesn’t get it and neither do I.


Kenny Florian: “I was a little upset with Brock”

August 2, 2009

There has been a lot of debate online about whether Brock Lesnar’s post-fight antics after his victory over Frank Mir were good or bad for the sport. Kenny Florian is coming down on the “bad” side of the fence.

There are certain people that already have a negative perception of Mixed Martial Arts and to see Brock go out there and do that thing and let his emotions get the best of him, left a bad taste in my mouth…It could rub people the wrong way. It could turn them off.

Many pro wrestling fans point to Brock’s success as a PPV draw as an indication that his actions draw in fans. While that has been true to this point, time will tell whether his long term impact is as positive as his undeniable initial explosion onto the scene. It could be that Brock Lesnar is a fighter who is a strong positive with young wrestling fans, while simultaneously turning off older fans used to more sportsmanship and disinterested in professional wrestling promos. Could it be both side are right?

Great moments in Brock Lesnar history: “I don’t like gays.”

August 1, 2009


When Brock Lesnar was going for his NFL dreams, a rather infamous article was written about him for  The most notable portion, which led the story, is after the jump, followed by the video that gave us the above image…


Oh It Is ON! Fedor to UFC

July 28, 2009

This gets a big Missouri booyah from the Show Me State, Jim.


You got your pro wrestling in my MMA

July 15, 2009
Brock Lesnar: Local Jackass

Brock Lesnar: Local Jackass

I am a man of simple needs. I like my steaks medium rare. My laundry detergent of choice is Tide. The only chore I ask of my wife is to handle the check book. I am not that hard to please. This, in essence, is why I am so god damned infuriated with Brock Lesnar. Professional wrestling in this day and age is little more than the old guy at the club. Awkward, out of place and completely oblivious to reality. I, like most intelligent 30 somethings, have left pro wrestling in my rear view mirror. I have reached a point in my life where having once been a wrestling fan is as much of an embarrassment as having once been a fan of Limp Bizkit. I have taken my wrestling dvds and attire and placed them in a box in the closet that also contains my red Yankees hat, hatchet gear and other items of eternal shame. Pro wrestling is a chapter of my past that I had assumed was long since closed. On Saturday night Brock Lesnar took my new reality, shredded it into a billion tiny pieces that he then fashioned into a crude-yet-functional pocket vagina that he proceeded to rape before my very eyes. For this, I will never forgive him.