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Randy Savage shoved a steak down his pants

August 3, 2009

randy savage picture icw playboy robe

I haven’t been keeping up with former USWA referee/manager Scott Bowden’s Kentucky Fried Rasslin columns like I should have, but he’s posted some great stuff recently, including a great column about Randy Savage’s early career, the highlight of which is:

Savage and his rival Garvin (then nicknamed the “One Man Gang”…years before ICW wrestler Crusher Broomfield would use the same moniker as a headliner in the UWF and WWF) often cut televised shoot-like promos on each other, more than a decade before those type of interviews became almost the norm in ECW and WCW. For example, when Savage’s shoplifting arrest for attempting to walk out of a Kentucky supermarket with a steak stuffed down his jeans made the local newspaper, Garvin brought out the clipping on the show to humiliate the so-called heavyweight champion of the world.

If anyone is able to Photoshop a steak into a pic of Savage digging a foreign object out of his trunks from when he won the Intercontinental title, they will be my hero.

Lots of good stuff including some columns about Tampa mayoral candidate Austin Idol at


Mike DiBiase is now a fugitive

July 31, 2009


Various websites (the most notable being are reporting that former WWE developmental wrestler/current Christian Pro Wrestling roster member Mike DiBiase (son of Ted Sr, brother of Ted Jr. and Brett) has a warrant out for his arrest.  He no-showed a July 14th court appearance pertaining to allegations that he stole property from the sponsor of an independent show several months ago.  The reasons for the son of the Million Dollar Man stealing $1500 or less of property are currently unknown.

Lex Luger Glad God Has Forgiven Him

July 23, 2009

“Obviously, the tragedy with Liz and the drug overdose was a real low point. Things got rough with drugs and alcohol,” Luger said. “The high point of my life now is that by God’s grace and mercy only, I survived that. God forgave me. At that harsh point, I was able to forgive myself for the things that happened.”

MVP: Don’t Be Like Me

July 23, 2009

Back when he was known as Alvin Burke Jr, WWE Superstar MVP spent almost 10 years in the pokey for kidnapping and armed robbery. After getting out of jail, he joined the only profession that would have him: professional wrestling.

Still, Burke wants the kids to know that his is not the only path to success. Often, you can achieve without having to spend your prime in jail. Burke hosted 10 troubled young men at RAW in Miami, youthful offenders walking the wrong road.

“It was great to spend some time with these young men to set a positive example.

“As WWE superstars we have the unique ability to encourage young people who may be following the wrong path to change their lives for the better.

“Having had the opportunity to change the direction of my own life, it meant a lot to be able to show these young men what they can achieve if they decide to make that change.”

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Piper Charged

July 23, 2009

Prosecutors have decided to file DUI charges against former WWE star Roddy Piper. The 55-year old Piper was busted at 1 AM on July 2nd in Hollywood, driving erratically and failed the field sobriety tests. Of course, he would likely fail those tests stone cold sober. I though that was one of the reasons Piper always kept a stunningly fit young man around?

Wrestlers make bad criminals

July 16, 2009

It appears a female wrestler named Stephanie Biddlecom, who works the indy circuit under the name Cerise Keller, has been caught attempting to con hockey fans out of $3,000 by impersonating Sidney Crosby on Myspace.  You mean pro athletes don’t usually ask for charity donations via Western Union?

More info can be found here.