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“Hell’s Kitchen” contestant Van Hurd is Luna Vachon’s son

August 14, 2009

Van Hurdlunavachon

Saw this in today’s NY Daily News wrestling column by The Slammer:

The latest edition of “Hell’s Kitchen” (Ch. 5, 8 p.m., Tuesdays) features contestant Van Hurd, whose mom is ex-WWE star Luna Vachon.

According to Wikipedia, Van is the product of Luna’s marriage to childhood friend Tom Nash, a pro wrestler who teamed with Luna’s eventual 2nd husband, David Heath (Gangrel/Vampire Warrior) as the Blackhearts.


Madusa: Role Model

August 11, 2009

Madusa Micelli has somehow found a new profession that attracts even more rednecks than wrestling.

“I’ve opened many doors where you’re seeing more and more women in the business,” said Miceli, who started in 1999 under Dennis Anderson, the man behind Grave Digger. “It’s phenomenal. I feel fortunate and lucky to be able to do that.

“Being a role model brings tears to your eyes sometimes. Seeing the kids standing in line for hours, I’m very lucky in what I do.”

Brooke Hogan: “I would kick ass”

August 7, 2009

As the clock on her fifteen minutes of fame hits minute 13, Brooke Hogan is down to working the only marks left to her: wrestling fans. Do the people want Hulkamania to run wild once again? Brooke thinks, yes, yes they do.


Michelle McCool may be injured, no longer loving life

August 1, 2009

Michelle McCool

According to various reports all over the net (including one that was inexplicably made a members only article on Observer/F4W site; I mean c’mon Dave, it’s a house show report…), WWE Women’s Champion Michelle McCool appeared to injure her leg last night at the Smackdown house show in Hampton Beach, NH.  What does the future hold for the woman that the aforementioned Dave Meltzer once referred to as “a favorite of older men in the company”?

Stacie Keibler in a bikini

July 31, 2009


Nuff Said.

Madusa Miceli: The Best?

July 30, 2009


At the Bleacher Report, AkD is making the case for Madusa Miceli as the greatest women’s wrestling champion of all time. Not Manami Toyota, Aja Kong, The Jumping Bomb Angels, or even Trish Stratus. Madusa.

The case after the break


Maryse Sidelined, World Mourns.

July 28, 2009
cot damn

cot damn

WWE Diva and overall incredibly hot babe Maryse, has been sidelined with a knee injury. She will be going UNDER THE KNIFE soon (or it already happened possibly). No word on when she’s due back, but everything in my pants will anxiously await her return to TV.

Extreme Childbirth

July 28, 2009


Francine Fournier, the former Queen of Extreme in the original ECW days, is currently ready to give birth and in delivery according to Tammy Sytch.

Wrestling Observer

Playboy reaches deal with TNA

July 26, 2009

Who will be posing for Playboy? (And pics!)


Lita: “I Don’t Miss it”

July 22, 2009

Former WWE diva Lita lit the wrestling world on fire with her real life love affair with Edge. Today, wrestling is like a distant memory for her. And no, she doesn’t miss it.

“No, I don’t miss it. Maybe if I didn’t do any other form of entertaining in front of a live audience I would miss it, but I still get my fill of being an entertainer, just not in the ring.

“I talk to some people there, yes. I can’t speak for any of them though, so I don’t know about life there changing. It’s usually catching up on life rather than work gossip, so I can say I am out of the loop on that.”

Being a woman in wrestling is hard. Congratulations to Lita for finding an even skeezier genre than wrestling to insert her giant fake tits into: punk rock.

And the name of her band? Not The Edge or The Hard Way. The Luchagors. Score one for all the men down Mexico way who broke her into the business. Well done!

A fan despite all this? The preferred nomenclature is Luchawhore.