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Mr. Kennedy Screwed Mr. Kennedy

July 30, 2009

Mr. Kennedy must really be bored. While he waits for his non-compete agreement to end he’s both blogging and posting videos online. In his latest entry at Crave Online, Kennedy says being released was his fault for conducting a series of ill-advised interviews.

“That mistake set in motion a chain of events that allowed my detractors, both inside the company and outside, to jump all over me. I left myself open,” Kennedy said in his Crave Online blog. “Vince McMahon didn’t screw ‘Mr. Kennedy.’ WWE didn’t screw ‘Mr. Kennedy.’ Ken Anderson screwed ‘Mr. Kennedy.'”


Mr. Kennedy: RF Shoot coming soon

July 24, 2009


Via twitter

Signing tomorrow in Carteret NJ at the Radisson Hotel from 11am-2pm. Shoot interview tonight with RF…..will I be able to hold my tongue??

What kind of boring shoot will this be?  Tales of guys playing their PS3’s on the road?  The time he did steroids?  Give me 75 Jamie Dundee shoots for the same price you are paying Kennedy.