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ROH Video Wire 8/10/09

August 11, 2009

The new ROH Video Wire features Delirious performing JUDO~, Sonjay Dutt wearing a Johnny Cupcakes shirt, Chris Hero looking like a superstar and cutting a great promo on KENTA, Davey Richards taking the “wolf” thing too far, Kenny Omega wearing a banana hammock and inventing the word “tomfoolerishly”, and more judo.


Brent Albright: Blood Clot the Size of a Golf Ball in His Leg

August 7, 2009


Brent Albright, a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Superstar under the nome de plume Gunner Scott, has a problem. While wrestlers can tough out all manner of injuries, this was one Albright couldn’t ignore.

August 5th: Brent Albright is scheduled to undergo surgery tomorrow to remove a blood clot in his calf. Albright was deemed to have suffered a moderate calf contusion after Night Two of Death Before Dishonor VII in Toronto, was given a prescription and was medically cleared to travel. Swelling and pain in the leg has increased exponentially since then and yesterday he was diagnosed as having a mass of coagulated blood “the size of a golf ball” in his leg. The mass can potentially break apart causing other blood clots, which if left untreated could be a much greater danger. Doctors surmise that the contusion suffered in Toronto was much worse than originally thought, with a fast and substantial amount of internal bleeding, which in turn caused the clot to form. Albright has pledged that he will not miss the ROH on HDNet Television Tapings on 8/14 and 8/15 and his chance to end his feud with Claudio Castagnoli. More on this as it develops.

Albright is supposed to face Claudio Castagnoli in a cage match at the ROH TV tapings on August 14.

ROH Newswire

PWI 500 Top Ten Announced

August 6, 2009

Pro Wrestling Illustrated is set to release its annual PWI 500 issue at the end of August.  Wrestlers all over the world hope to get included in this list every year, and the top ten names have been announced.  Who made this exclusive list?


Ring Psych Interview: The Young Bucks

August 6, 2009


Southern California natives and brothers Matt and Nick Jackson have had quite a year.  It’s only August, and already The Young Bucks have made their debuts in Ring of Honor, CHIKARA, and Dragon Gate USA, the latter of which will be their first match on PPV in North America.  Since mid-2008, the buzz surrounding the Young Bucks has grown steadily, originating with their hometown crowds in Southern California and spurred on by their performances in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.  They have been PWG Tag Team Champions for nearly a year, picking up wins against teams like the Motor City Machine Guns and successfully defending the belts in Japan.  Nick and Matt are considered one of the premier tag teams in the world today, and their popularity has recently exploded on the East Coast, where fans are just now being exposed to their high-flying style.  Clad in tiger-print tassled tights, they are a callback to the glory days of tag team wrestling like The Rockers, and are reminding fans around the world how exciting and unique tag team wrestling can be.

The Young Bucks were kind enough to take time out of their busy schedule for an interview with us here at Ring Psych.


ROH Video Wire 7/29/09

July 30, 2009

Good Video Wire this week.  Featuring part of Lance Storm’s “retirement” speech, Brent Albright fumbling over his words, Nigel McGuinness getting a major-league stinger courtesy of Jerry Lynn,and some new cutesy Colt Cabana shtick that ends up being awesome due to the Briscoes and Steenerico.

Informal poll: who looks older in this Video Wire, Lance Storm or Nigel McGuinness?

Austin Aries: “You Need That Special Aura”

July 29, 2009


On June 13th, Austin Aries became just the 12th ROH Champion in the company’s seven year existence. To many of wrestling’s hardcore fans, it’s been this strengthening of the title, the emphasis that being champion is something special, that has helped contribute to the company’s success. Aries talked titles and more with SLAM!Sports. Money shot?

“We are a new company and as a new company, when you start the lineage of your title you want to keep that as strong and important as you can. It should be what everyone is striving for. There will always be personal issues and other storylines going on behind the scenes. Those other factors play in but everyone should be striving to be champion. The difference between ROH and other companies, a month for us is like two weeks for them because they are putting on more shows and are more visible. I like the fact that our belt has meaning, that being #1 contender has meaning. The guys work hard just to get there much less get a shot at the belt. You need that special aura and it is something that helps the company, and helps people strive to be the champion.”

ROH Moves to Monday Night, Public Guffaws

July 27, 2009


In an effort to get more thoroughly clobbered and go out of business at breakneck speed, ROH has announced that they will be moving their HDNet weekly show to Monday nights at 8PM EST.

Ostensibly an “in-your-face” and boastful marketing strategy, there are a few things wrong with this, including that HDNet is being dropped from cable providers on a seemingly daily basis, and that no one watches ROH on HDNet to begin with.  Still, it marks the first time that any wrestling has gone up against WWE on Monday Nights since WCW went out of business.  (note: ROH is still not “going up against” Raw, since their broadcast begins an hour before Raw.  Of course, the replay of ROH begins during Raw’s overrun, so go ahead and count it, internet nerds!)

The State of ROH for July/August

July 25, 2009


We here at Ring Psychology understand that it may have been some time since you’ve followed wrestling regularly. Perhaps you’re looking to jump back into it, but you’re concerned you won’t understand what’s going on. “Oh no,” you may be thinking, “I don’t want to look like a fool in front of my wrestling friends if I can’t tell The Miz from The Morrison!” Don’t worry, we’re here to help! “The State of…” will provide key storyline info and identify the main players of all the major television shows…and ROH, too!

Some of you may be familiar with the East Coast-based promotion Ring of Honor. You may have seen their initials featured in Academy Award-nominated film The Wrestler. You may have heard your nerdy wrestling friend going on and on about “Brian Danielson”. Regardless of your exposure to ROH, there are two things to keep in mind:

1) They are the largest independent wrestling promotion in America.
2) They are a sinking ship and probably won’t be around in a year’s time.

Although they have a TV deal with Mark Cuban’s HDNet (yeah, I don’t get that channel either), ROH’s glory days are long past. They still offer up outstanding wrestling, but by and large they don’t really give you a reason to CARE about anything, since they place only the smallest investment in compelling characters or stories. That being said, they do have a few standout performers in their midst.

Let’s take a look at the major players and storylines of ROH!


ROH Video Wire 7/21/09

July 22, 2009

New video wire for ROH featuring Delirious as a lumberjack, an incredible promo by the Briscoes standing in front of a four-door pickup in the middle of a cornfield, and Chris Hero badmouthing Lance Storm for not loving puro.

Jimmy Jacobs gone from ROH?

July 17, 2009

Jimmy Jacobs, who has wrestled for Ring of Honor since 2003, has reportedly left the company. In an interview with Figure Four Weekly, he told host Bryan Alvarez that he was off all future bookings for ROH shows. We will update this story as more details emerge.