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Smackdown Spoilers for 8/7: Someone is back

August 5, 2009

A major star returned at last night’s Smackdown taping, which will air this Friday. Find out who, along with all the results of all the matches taped, after the jump.



Jeff Hardy: what will it take?

August 1, 2009

Jeff Hardy is counting down the (literally) days that are left on his contract, while holding the WWE Smackdown World Title after his recent defeat of CM Punk at the last pay per view. Glance at the top ten bestsellers on the WWE Shopzone website, and you will notice that 6 of the top 10 sellers are Jeff Hardy specific (not including pen packs and such). It is apparent that the WWE is offering Hardy the moon at this point, but what would it take to get him to sign on the dotted line? Appearances at only televised events, with no house show duties? Perhaps a Hogan-esque “per appearance” contract?

With all the talk about how the WWE doesn’t build young talent into main event superstars, Jeff Hardy has been elevated quietly into becoming one of the biggest draws they have. Now it appears that they have a superstar on their hands that would be just as happy sitting at home writing bad poetry than to perform in front of millions every week. Time will tell.

SmackDown Results

August 1, 2009


Like many of you, I don’t usually end up staying in Friday night to check out wrestling. If you forgot to set your DVD, here are the results. Here is further and more in depth breakdowns of each segment. Main event was reportedly a great match.

Results after the break

SmackDown Lineup (Spoiler Free)

July 31, 2009


-Cryme Tyme vs. The Hart Dynasty.

-Michelle McCool and Layla vs. Eve and Melina.

-Rey Mysterio and Finlay vs. Dolph Ziggler and Mike Knox.

-Great Khali vs. Charlie Haas.

-Jeff Hardy vs. John Morrison for the World Championship.

Smackdown Spoilers for 7/31

July 29, 2009

The tapings for this Friday’s edition of Smackdown finished just a few short hours ago in Baltimore, with a main event of new World Champion Jeff Hardy defending against John Morrison. Does Morrison earn the right to use the Big Gold Belt as a crotchshield? Who wins the bout between Cryme Tyme and the Hart Dynasty, and who will win next weeks bout between them and the one after that? Can Charlie Haas fell the mighty Great Khali? Find out after the jump.


Friday Night Smackdown! 7/17

July 19, 2009

Jeff Hardy starts the show. You see, he’s a recovering drug addict, but he’s a real good dude so just get off his back man. CM Punk comes out and tells Hardy he’s a piece of shit for doing drugs but Punk’s the bad guy somehow. It must kill such a straight laced guy like Jim Ross to be on hippie Jeff Hardy’s side in this feud. Hardy tries to beat up Punk, but Punk leaves the ring as he has a match NEXT! (more…)

The State of SmackDown! for July

July 18, 2009


We here at Ring Psychology understand that it may have been some time since you’ve followed wrestling regularly. Perhaps you’re looking to jump back into it, but you’re concerned you won’t understand what’s going on. “Oh no,” you may be thinking, “I don’t want to look like a fool in front of my wrestling friends if I can’t tell The Miz from The Morrison!” Don’t worry, we’re here to help! “The State of…” will provide key storyline info and identify the main players of all the major television shows…and ROH, too!

Friday Night Smackdown, now in its tenth year on the air, may only get a fraction of the audience of the average Monday Night Raw, but for the past several months, it has consistantly been the best weekly wrestling program in the world.  Smackdown continues to put on great shows week after week because they don’t have to rely on gimmicks like special guest hosts, or publicity stunts like Donald Trump “buying” the show.

Smackdown benefits greatly from being one of the two shows, along with ECW, that Vince McMahon doesn’t watch, appear on, or care about.  As a result, the creative team is free to put together 20-minute matches, slow-building nuanced angles, and oh yeah, it doesn’t feature Triple H, John Cena, or Batista.  The only real “old guard” on Smackdown is The Undertaker, and he’s out on vacation (injured) three-to-six months out of every year.

The General Manager of Smackdown is Theodore “Teddy” Long, who you may remember as the manager of Rodney Mack, or before that, “the black referee” (he once botched a two-count when a wrestler didn’t kick out, prompting a “Tupac sucks” chant from the crowd, because wrestling fans display a stunningly limited knowledge of black culture when confronted with “what bald black guy do we know off the top of our heads”), or wayyy back in the day, the manager of the tag team DOOM.  He is somewhat put-upon in his capacity as GM, and is in the midst of a half-aborted angle where Vince McMahon is pressuring him to present compelling television or risk losing his job.  The joke is that Vince himself is unable to legitimately do this on Raw.

Let’s take a look at the major players and storylines of Smackdown!


Rating Smackdown: R-Truth

July 18, 2009


He sings, he dances, he does it all!  Be still my beating heart!  This hardened (and I do mean hardened, just take a look at those abs!) ex-con has cleaned up his act and is the ultimate double-threat: a rapper AND a wrestler.

Pros: If you feel him, you’ll stand up and say what’s up.  The man has undeniable charisma and is as stunningly limber as he is scrumptious.  He’s got multiple piercings, so if you’re into mutilation I’m sure he’ll be “K-Kwik” to oblige.  He’s been to prison, so he’s no stranger to “doing hard time” in the “slammer” or being “sent to the hole”.

Cons: The whole shucking and jiving minstrel show may be a bit beneath him, and it’s certainly beneath you.  This is 2009, sweetheart.  It’s time to take accountability.  He’s been to prison, so if you’re into candles and satin sheets, you may want to look elsewhere.

Pat Patterson Memorial Ranking: 8.2

Smackdown 7/10/09: Ziggler to the fore

July 11, 2009


Rey Mysterio’s next opponent?  Looks to be Dolph Ziggler

Jericho counters ANOTHER hurricanrana with the Walls of Jericho again! Mysterio struggles and crawls over to the ropes and gets the break. Rey leaps over Jericho and he lands outside, then hits the Asai moonsault! Jericho is back in the ring and he catches Mysterio flying into the ring with a CODEBREAKER! He slowly crawls over to cover, and Rey kicks out at 2.9! Jericho yells at him to “Stay down!” and kicks him in the ribs. Mysterio catches Jericho being overzealous dropkicking him and he falls on the ropes. The 619 connects and so does the springboard splash; 1-2-3!! WINNER and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Rey Mysterio.

As soon as the match ends Edge runs in the ring and goes after Rey, but Rey rolls under him tripping him in the process. Mysterio rolls out the ring and Dolph Ziggler of all people comes down to attack Rey. He shoots Mysterio in the ring to suffer a SPEAR! Edge picks up Rey in the wheelbarrel position and Jericho hits the Codebreaker again! Edge and Jericho invite Ziggler in the ring to get some more of Mysterio. He gets in and stalks Rey slowly getting up, and strikes with his finisher. It appears now Rey Mysterio has a challenger for the IC title for the next PPV (which I predicted). That’s how SmackDown goes off the air.

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PPV Quality: Smackdown Main Event Said to Shine

July 10, 2009


According to live reports, tonight’s Smackdown main event in “PPV quality.” I suppose that is code for “good” although this was also a PPV match, so it could be a case of damning with faint praise.

Wrestling Observer