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Phil Mushnick: Still Hates Wrestling. Still Hates Roids.

August 10, 2009

Anti-wrestling curmudgeon Phil Mushnick has been griding his axe against pro wrestling for years. Even today, in a column supposedly about roided up baseball players, wrestling rears its ugly head in Phil’s New York Post column.

Always wondered what wrestling had in common with our national pastime? Besides rednecks who like to scratch themselves and chew tobacco? Now you know: roids.

The truth may be burdensome but it should never be unbearable. Those who would demand that the search for truth be suspended are those who should be most feared and condemned.

The truth may be redundant and become boring, but it’s too valuable to be shouted down or eliminated. After all, if not for truth-seekers and truth-tellers, MLB players — and more than a few — by now might be hitting 85 home runs, being paid by the yard and being found dead in hotel rooms, two per month, like pro wrestlers.


Vince McMoments: Gumbel to Gumbel

August 1, 2009


In 2003, Armen Keteyan did a story on wrestler deaths for HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.  He got an interview with Vince McMahon, and…well…after the jump, you’ll see what caused the above to happen.


Josh Barnett’s B sample also tested positive

July 31, 2009


Just in case you were wondering, Dave Meltzer is reporting that the B sample of Josh Barnett’s urine tested positive for the same steroid that was found in his A sample.

Rumors alleging that a tumbling sound was heard coming from Karl Gotch’s tomb cannot be confirmed at this moment.

FDA sends warning letter to makers of not!steroids, warns consumers

July 31, 2009

ANR-625 Xtreme

The FDA seems to have finally figured out that they might want to look into the plethora of “works like steroids but not steroids but maybe actually steroids” products that come in containers covered in pictures of fire.  They sent a warning letter to American Cellular Labs telling them that they’re selling “misbranded and unapproved new drugs” (including one branded as MMA-3 Xtreme) while advising consumers to avoid these products. VMG Global Inc 7/27/09

hhsbluebirdDepartment of Health and Human Services

Public Health Service
Food and Drug Administration

San Francisco District
1431 Harbor Bay Parkway

Alameda, CA 94502-7070

Telephone: 510/337-6700

July 27, 2009


via FedEx
via Certified Mail

Receipt Requested
Maurice Sandoval
American Cellular Labs
117 Arcadia Drive
Pacifica, CA 94044
Dear Mr. Sandoval:
This is to advise you that your firm’s marketing and distribution of the products “TREN-Xtreme,” “MASS Xtreme,” “ESTRO Xtreme,” “AH-89-Xtreme,” “HMG Xtreme,” “MMA-3 Xtreme,” “VNS-9 Xtreme,” and ‘TT-40-Xtreme” violates the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act), as described below.
Misbranded and Unapproved New Drugs

Josh Barnett’s Urine Makes Dana White the Undisputed King of North American MMA

July 25, 2009
"See this shit? I told ya the t-shirt guy would fail."

"See this shit? I told ya the t-shirt guy would fail."

So, Josh Barnett flunked a drug test and as a result Tom Atencio can go back to making shitty clothing and Dana White’s grip on the North American MMA landscape has been tightened even further. And that’s fine with me, he seems to be really good at his job. Plus it’s going to be fun to watch people who burned their bridges with Dana because of the grand hopes they had of helping Affliction grow into a viable competitor come crawling back asking for jobs. Of course, this is only going to feed Dana’s ego, but again, I’m fine with that. It takes a rare breed to be able to deal with the egos of dozens of dudes who punch people for a living, and Dana seems to have it down to a science. I certainly couldn’t do it. He’s setup a press conference next Friday to make a number of announcements, and I am riveted. Has he acquired some of Affliction’s talent? Is Tito coming back? Is Dana planning a telethon to help save Tim Sylvia? Will it be another one of his bullshit smokescreens he likes to throw out there every once in a while? WHO KNOWS? All I know is when the dust settles the company who could possibly stand to lose the most from this is Strikeforce because now they will be firmly in Dana’s cross hairs. Even if the UFC ends up being able to cherry pick the contracts they want there will no doubt be more than a handful of good fighters who will hit the free agent market. Strikeforce seems to be more than content with being second banana right now, and that can help them in the long run.

Why hasn’t Dana gone into a full court press against Strikeforce? I’m almost certain it has nothing to do with his friendship with Scott Coker. If ever there were a promoter who would slit your throat and drop the “it’s only business” line, it’d be Dana. I have to believe the reason that Dana hasn’t full out declared war on them yet is because he doesn’t see them as a real threat. Let’s take a look at the facts

1- Strikeforce has yet to dip into the PPV market. In times like this where money is tight people can only afford to spend so much on entertainment. UFC is the among the top PPV draws in the US, and anything encroaching on that would be seen as threat.

2- Strikeforce is currently relegated to pay cable. Fewer eyeballs= fewer shots at cracking into the main stream. If/when Strikeforce gets a slot on CBS I’m sure Dana’s mind will change.

3- Despite having a strong roster Strikeforce lacks a true, bonafide household name. Cung Le seemingly has no interest in fighting. Nick Diaz is slowly but surely making his way up most top pound for pound lists but he’s not there yet. Frank Shamrock is in the twilight of a brilliant career. Brett Rogers is not a known quantity yet. In fact, Gina Carano is most likely Strikeforce’s most visable fighter, and even she isn’t all that battle proven yet.

The mixed martial arts world is in a state of flux. By this time next week we might have a better idea of what direction it is heading in.

Affliction Trilogy Now a Duology

July 24, 2009



Affliction Entertainment vice president began making calls with the news Friday morning to fighters scheduled to appear on the Aug. 1 card, has learned.

Kimo Lives; Barnett’s Career Dies

July 22, 2009


Former UFC Heavyweight Champion and noted steroid abuser Josh Barnett has once again been busted for performance enhancing drugs.  Barnett is notable mostly for playing with Japanese robot toys and having the world’s flabbiest drug aided physique.  His drug bust, which occured during a surprise test three weeks ago, leaves Affliction without a main event for their PPV on August 1st.

Leading candidates to replace Barnett include Bobby Lashley and Brett Rogers.  Smart money is on 185-pound Vitor Belfort in Lindland 2: Middleweight Boogaloo, Fedor’s second prominent fight with a wildly undersized opponent in his post-PRIDE career.

My Fight Network Column

Batista wears a speedo

July 21, 2009

When WWE announced its wellness policy in November 2005, some fans feared that the era of Herculean physiques on the company’s Entertainers was over. Thankfully, due to the miracles of modern nutrition and bodybuilding supplements, the recently injured Dave Batista is able to sport his steroid-free body in a Speedo on the beaches of Miami without fear of mockery from onlookers.

For more hot pics of Batista in his revealing bathing suit, visit here.