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High Drama in Nagoya Honbasho 2009

July 22, 2009


Sumo wrestling doesn’t get much coverage in America anymore, a long drop from when NBC sports used to show one or two Grand Sumo final days a year on slow sports weekends. But it’s still out there, as it has been for centuries. And with only six yearly Grand Sumo tournaments (3 in Tokyo, one in Fukuoka, one in Osaka, and one in Nagoya, every July, as is going on right now), there’s plenty of time for sumo fetishists to over-analyze every piece of minutiae. But the face of the sport’s really changed in recent years, with the only two active yokozuna (sumo’s highest rank – sumo is a twisted Illuminati-style sport with different ranks that a panel of elders appoints you to) both being non-Japanese – Asashoryu and Hakuho, both Mongolians. To understand the shock of this to Sumo fetishists (who are highly intelligent and wildly delusional, similar to American baseball aficionados), it was the most terrible thing ever in the history of Sumo when a Hawaiian named Akebono got promoted to yokozuna in 1993, being the first non-Jap to get the title. (more…)