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Missed Connection: Tito to WWE

August 2, 2009


It was a match nearly made in heaven: Tito Ortiz and the WWE. In his latest blog entry, Jim Ross reveals that Tito almost made the leap to Stamford. With his dyed blonde hair, his unique charisma, athleticism, and real life reputation as a bad ass, Tito had all the tools in place to be big in the WWE. Real big. But Ross, who’s job it would have been to sign Ortiz, thinks he made the right decision to keep his day job.

I remember meeting Tito, who was attending a WWE event with Rick Bassman many years ago in Anaheim at the Pond, if memory serves me correctly, when Tito had an interest in discussing a potential career in WWE. Tito had/has a great look, charisma, is obviously very athletic and would have likely done very well in WWE. However, Tito’s true calling is MMA and for an athlete to be able to perform only a few times a year for big bucks and not endure excessive travel is the only way for some athletes to go about their professional lives IE Brock Lesnar.


The Prodigal Son Returns

August 1, 2009

14 months of speculation result in Ortiz coming back to the UFC

Tito Ortiz is a business man first and foremost. He realizes that his best days as a fighter have passed. He understands that he’s no longer a top 5 light heavyweight. He gets the fact that his name and face carry more value than his actual skills at this point in the game. Most importantly, he knows that there’s an awful lot of fans out there who will pay to see him regardless of whether or not he’s a diminished fighter and that the best place for him to ply his craft is the UFC. Tito is coming home. Freshly recovered from a back surgery that is supposed to give him back his explosiveness, Tito is rumored to be facing off with fellow MMA graybeard Mark Coleman sometime later this year. He may not win UFC gold ever again, but there is no denying  the impact Tito has on mainstream MMA exposure. Like him or hate him, Tito is good for MMA.

Tito Ortiz Return to be Announced Tomorrow

July 31, 2009

Lookit that headAccording to Twitter via Wrestling Observer, the worst-kept “secret” in MMA the past couple weeks has been virtually confirmed.

Dana White is holding a press conference tomorrow, at which he is to say many wondrous things.  One of those things will be that Tito Ortiz is coming back, so hopefully we’ll get to see someone cave in his stupid face sooner rather than later.  Welcome back, Tito.  Now get clobbered already.