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Linda McMahon considering running for US Senate

August 14, 2009


According to the Morning Fix on the Washington Post’s website, a source close to Linda McMahon says she is “seriously considering” running for the US Senate seat representing Connecticut that is currently held by Democrat Chris Dodd.  I got nothin’.


“Hell’s Kitchen” contestant Van Hurd is Luna Vachon’s son

August 14, 2009

Van Hurdlunavachon

Saw this in today’s NY Daily News wrestling column by The Slammer:

The latest edition of “Hell’s Kitchen” (Ch. 5, 8 p.m., Tuesdays) features contestant Van Hurd, whose mom is ex-WWE star Luna Vachon.

According to Wikipedia, Van is the product of Luna’s marriage to childhood friend Tom Nash, a pro wrestler who teamed with Luna’s eventual 2nd husband, David Heath (Gangrel/Vampire Warrior) as the Blackhearts.

Michelle McCool may be injured, no longer loving life

August 1, 2009

Michelle McCool

According to various reports all over the net (including one that was inexplicably made a members only article on Observer/F4W site; I mean c’mon Dave, it’s a house show report…), WWE Women’s Champion Michelle McCool appeared to injure her leg last night at the Smackdown house show in Hampton Beach, NH.  What does the future hold for the woman that the aforementioned Dave Meltzer once referred to as “a favorite of older men in the company”?

Here are a bunch of awesome photos of Andre The Giant

July 31, 2009


Some other WordPress blog has a new entry about Andre The Giant, and you need to go look at it right now because every photo included, like the one shown above (which is much bigger at the link), is tremendous, though that’s not close to being the best wrestling-related photo of celebrity pro graps fan Debbie Harry…


(Cropped for reasons having to do with this being a work-friendly site and Debbie Harry whipping out her lady parts while performing in concert with the rest of Blondie)

Madusa Miceli: The Best?

July 30, 2009


At the Bleacher Report, AkD is making the case for Madusa Miceli as the greatest women’s wrestling champion of all time. Not Manami Toyota, Aja Kong, The Jumping Bomb Angels, or even Trish Stratus. Madusa.

The case after the break