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Kurt Angle arrested for harassment and drug possession

August 15, 2009

TNA champion Kurt Angle was arrested Saturday morning after he was seen allegedly stalking a woman who had an order of protection against him. The woman, a TNA star, told police she saw Angle following her while at a Starbucks in Robinson Township, PA. Police found two vials of HGH as well as a syringe in Angle’s girlfriend’s car, which he was driving.

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D’Amore Back in TNA

August 11, 2009

Last week we reported on the firings of Jeff Jarrett allies Savio Vega and Dutch Mantell. The creative shakeup at TNA continues today, with the word that Scott D’Amore, who left the company last year, is coming back to help the Knockouts division.

Insiders speculate that D’Amore will soon transcend the Knockouts and be back on the creative team proper.

TNA Impact 8/06/09 Results

August 7, 2009

So, what happened on last night’s Impact? Find out after the jump.


8/06/09 TNA Impact Preview

August 6, 2009

We have your preview of tonight’s TNA Impact! (more…)

Kurt Angle on Dancing With The Stars?!?

August 1, 2009

The Sun recently published a story announcing that Kurt Angle, TNA World Champion, has been shortlisted to be a contestant on the next season of ABC’s hit show DANCING WITH THE STARS. Angle apparently has been interested in appearing since Stacy Keibler’s run on the show in 2006. The show returns on September 21st, with the cast being announced on ABC’s Good Morning America on August 17th.

Happy Birthday Scott Steiner!

August 1, 2009

TNA superstar Scott Steiner turned 47 years old this past Wednesday. We here at Ring Psych would like to congratulate Scott by offering up to his fans video of his most memorable TNA moments.

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Notes From The Observer: Lashley to Get Big Push

July 29, 2009

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Bobby Lashley is the next TNA star to get the enormous “Joe/Sting/Angle” level push.

The goal is to build Lashley up and then really go hard on the Lesnar challenge. He’ll be pushed as both a wrestling and MMA star. He was quiet backstage. The jury was out on him because of the feeling he was pushed to the moon in WWE and really never got out of the Earth’s atmosphere.

The problem with Lashley has been his inability to get over to the level of his push. In the WWE, he was pushed like a top guy, even getting the coveted spot at Wrestlemania with Donald Trump, but never got over much above the midcard level. So far, the fans in TNA have responded to him like he was a legitimate star. But the reaction of the hardcore TNA fans never quite seems to match the reaction of the population at large.

There is talk of using him to do a grandstand challenge of Brock Lesnar. That would be interesting television, especially as both TNA and UFC are on SPIKE.

CM Punk: TNA not in His Future

July 29, 2009

Exclusive interview with The Sun

Finally, would you ever consider a jump ship to another company?

No, I’d not jump ship, this is the place to be, nowhere comes close and I’m happy here. We don’t really have any competition and if you want to be a top class professional wrestler in the US you have to be working for the WWE.

Playboy reaches deal with TNA

July 26, 2009

Who will be posing for Playboy? (And pics!)


TNA announcer shakeup?

July 23, 2009

Mike Tenay and Don West, the current play-by-play and color announcers for TNA, are said to be very worried about Taz’s new contract with TNA. Taz, who debuted for TNA at this past weekend’s pay per view, has been brought in as Samoa Joe’s manager, but there have been backstage whispers that it is only a matter of time before either Tenay or West are let go and Taz is moved into that spot.

Taz worked as an announcer in the WWF, most memorably on their Smackdown brand with Michael Cole, following his retirement from performing in the ring.